RISE Research Posters Draw a Crowd

RISE poster presentation
The RISE Program's annual End-of-Summer Student Research Presentation drew a small crowd on Friday, 26 August 2016. 
Dr. Conner Sandefur and Nicholas Chavis
Ayanna Edwards
Students, faculty, staff, administrators, and friends gathered to learn about summer research and creative projects that engaged the minds of undergraduate students from UNC Pembroke (UNCP).  Research posters and oversized paintings lined the lobby hallways of the Oxendine Science Building. 

Kaitlan Smith Kelsey Leigh
Frederick Freely Robbie Juel
The RISE (Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement) Program and the PURC (Pembroke Undergraduate Research and Creativity) Center funded several of the projects.  The RISE program is designed to prepare students for research in the biomedical and behavioral sciences, and to enhance the environment for scientific research at UNCP.  It provides funding for student research and for related activities, including conference presentations. The PURC Center provides funding for scientific research, creative works, and for conference travel.  Moreover, it was established to promote, facilitate, and stimulate inquiry and scholarly creativity.  Students who have completed fewer than 45 hours may also consider research opportunities offered through the relatively new COMPASS Program, which is sponsored by the UNCP Biology Department.
 David Pedersen K'Yana Mclean
Jessica Rice and Joshua Oxendine Long and Rentscher
The RISE Program Director and Co-Program Director, Dr. Robert Poage (Biology) and Prof. Sailaja Vallabha (Chemistry), were strong presences at the presentation.  Also on hand were future RISE Program Director, Dr. Rachel Smith (Chemistry) and COMPASS Director, Dr. Maria Santisteban.
Ayanna Edwards and Anisha McDowell Frederick Freely and Prof. Sailaja Vallabha Wei Wang
RISE and COMPASS directors Dr. Scott Billingsley and Lea Tardanico Undergraduate researcher
 Robbie Juel and Drs. Debby Hanmer and Kaitlin Campbell Drs. John Roe and Conner SandefurKelsey Leigh and Dr. Maria Santisteban
For many students, a clear advantage of summer research is more time to invest in this endeavor, and for some students, it means opportunity to work in labs at institutions besides UNCP.  Posters displayed today included research at UNC Chapel Hill, Wake Forest School of Medicine, and Colorado State University.  Locally, Drs. Ben Bahr and Conner Sandefur mentored several undergraduate researchers this past summer.
Cary Mundell Brandon Smith
The RISE program is funded by a grant from the National Institutes of Health. Students who are interested in joining the program should contact Dr. Robert Poage or Dr. Rachel Smith.  To learn about other research internships and out-of-classroom opportunities offered through the Biology Department click here or click on the "Student Resources" link on the left sidebar of the Biology website. Click here (PDF) for a complete list of student presenters and their poster titles from today's poster session.
Dr. Jeff Frederick and undergraduate researcher  Ayanna Edwards and Dr. Jeff Frederick
Above: Dr. Jeff Frederick (Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences) and undergraduate researchers

Dr. Conner Sandefur and his undergraduate researchers
Above: Dr. Conner Sandefur (center) and his undergraduate researchers
Diane Grant and Sonda Rogers Debby Hanmer and Gordon Byrd
Above left: Diane Grant and Sonda Rogers provide valuable administrative support for the RISE program. Above right: Dr. Debby Hanmer (Associate Professor of Biology) is the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Biology, and Gordon Byrd is the Executive Assistant for the PURC Center.

For additional photos from the 2016 RISE Presentation, visit the links "Faculty in Action" and "Students in Action" on the left sidebar of the Biology Department home page.

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