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Christopher Woolley

Christopher WoolleyCHRISTOPHER WOOLLEY is a historian of Latin America, especially colonial Mexico.  He received his BA in history from Western Washington University, and his MA and PhD degrees from the University of Florida.  His research has focused largely on the relationship between Spanish colonialism and the environment, as well as the history of Mexico’s indigenous populations.  Dr. Woolley is currently working on two projects exploring deforestation in colonial central Mexico, and the transfer and transformation of Castilian communitarian ideals from Spain to the Indies.  He has taught courses on the history of Mexico, the history of Latin America’s indigenous people, the history of epidemic diseases and natural disasters, environmental history, modern and colonial Latin America, and world civilizations.

Courses Scheduled

  • HST 1150 - World Civilizations since 1500
  • HST 3850 - Indians of Latin America
  • HST 3860 - Latin America since Independence
  • HSTS 4440 - Disease and Disaster in Latin America