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2018 Admission Timeline

The application process for admission into the program for 2018 is currently underway.

For students applying for entry into the Prelicensure BSN Program, the next admission cycle is for the cohort beginning in Summer Session II in 2018.  Below are important dates to remember:

October 31, 2017 The deadline to take the TEAS has passed. Applicants must submit their TEAS® score report to the Department of Nursing by this date.  Information regarding the TEAS® examination is available on the right sidebar.  Scores must be dated between January 1, 2017 and October 31, 2017 and the student must score "Proficient" or higher.

Fall 2017 - Students interested in transferring from another institution should meet with the Director of Undergraduate Programs within the Department of Nursing to ensure they will meet the requirements and so an application for the Upper Division Nursing Program can be sent to the student when made available. Transfer students should apply to UNC-Pembroke for entry in Spring 2018 in order to take NUR 2020.  This is a required pre-requisite course only offered through UNC-Pembroke. 

December 12, 2017 - Applications will be made available for individuals who meet the admission requirements.  All applicants who have not taken NUR 2020 must complete the course during the Spring 2018 semester. Students may click here to view the application.

February 15, 2018 - Application Deadline! Applications must be submitted to the Department of Nursing.

March 15, 2018 - Decision letters will be mailed to students who submitted an application by the deadline listed on the application.

May 2018 - Accepted students must have completed all pre-requisite courses with a C or higher by the end of the spring semester.

Summer Session II 2018 - Nursing courses begin.