Geology and Geography

Sustainability Minor

Sustainability Minor Checklist

Sustainability is commonly defined as meeting the needs of our present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their goals. The Sustainability Minor is an 18-credit interdisciplinary program that is designed to assist students who are interested in pursuing a career that involves practicing sustainable practices.  The minor focuses on how individuals can focus on these sustainable practices within the environment and how these practices impact both economic and social issues within local, national, and international contexts.  The minor will be applicable to students from all majors due to the focus on how these sustainability principles can be applied to all academic disciplines and professional fields.

Required Courses: (9 hrs)

  • ENV 1100 Environmental Science
  • GLY 2620 Environmental Geology 
  • AIS/ENG 2410 Environmental Literature

Choose 1 of the following: (3-4 hrs)

  • ENV 2450 Principles of Sustainable Agriculture
  • MGT 4310 Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

Choose 2 of the following: (6 hrs)

  • GGY3290 Society and Environment
  • PHI 3300 Environmental Ethics
  • ENV 4100 Environmental Law and Regulations
  • SOC 4420 Community Resource Development