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Jeff Frederick

Jeff Frederick


JEFF FREDERICK is currently the Dean of Arts and Sciences and was formerly the Chair of the History Department at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. He is a historian of the American South who specializes in the relationship between politics and society. He has published on a variety of topics including interest groups, female support for conservative politicians, NASCAR, southern culture and identity, southern governors during the civil rights era, and party politics in the South. He has published a lengthy biography of Alabama Governor George Wallace, a monograph about the Civil Rights movement, three manuals, and a variety of journal articles, essay, and reviews. He recently finished writing a novel on the closing of a mill in a 1970s southern town.  

Dr. Frederick speaks frequently across the South on a variety of topics related to southern history and his work has appeared in a variety of traditional, electronic, and media platforms. He has both won and been nominated for a variety of awards for teaching, scholarship, and service and serves the University of North Carolina at Pembroke as both Professor of History and Faculty Athletics Representative. Prior to entering academia, Frederick spent eight years in the corporate world in marketing and management. He earned his PhD from Auburn University in 2003 and began working at UNCP the same year.

Dr. Frederick is engaged in a variety of community and charitable causes, is married to Melinda, and has three sons — Logan, Jack, and Quinton.


Selected Publications

Stand Up for Alabama Road Map



Courses Taught

  • HST 1010 - American Civilizations to 1877
  • HST 1020 - American Civilizations since 1877
  • HST 4040 - History of the Old South to 1865
  • HST 4050 - History of the New South, 1865-1980
  • HSTS 4350 - Topics in History: American Political History
  • HSTS 4360 - Topics in History: The Civil Rights Movement
  • HSTS 4390 - Topics in History: Sports and American Society
  • HST 5510 - History of the New South (graduate)