Printmaking Studio

Location: Locklear Hall, room 101
Contact: Associate Professor Brandon Sanderson
(910) 521-6216


The studio offers three etching/relief presses, one letter-press, two lithographic presses, a sizable selection of lithography stone and exposure units for screenprint, intaglio and lithography.  The studio is comprised of a large studio that is fully equipped for etching, lithography, as well as an in house darkroom.

Lithography:LIthography Picture
Takach 4072 Motorized Lithographic Press, 39.5 x 72 Bed
Conrad Tabletop Lithographic Press, 16 x 36" Bed
10 Grey Lithographic Stones, 13 x 17 x 3
Variety of smaller grey and yellow stones
Facilities for digital and photographic lithography

Etching Picture

American French Tool Etching Press, 32 x 54 Bed
Conrad E-18 Etching Press, 15 x 30 Bed
Facilities for Copper, Zinc
Facilities for Photoetching
Facilities for traditional and contemporary etching

22 x 28 NuArc Tabletop Plate Burner and darkroom
Two workstations with Adobe CS Suite
Large format scanner
Laser printer for photographic or direct-to-plate applications

Other: Printmaking Picture
Metal shear
Small letterpress studio with range of type
Facilities for book-binding
Facilities for mixed-media and cross-disciplinary studio practice
Mobile printmaking studio for community-based and on-site printing projects
Lockable in-studio student storage
Flat files for student use

 print making other


For images of student work in printmaking, click here