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Sexual Misconduct Advocacy & Resource Team (SMART)

SMART Committee

Lauren Rodefeld, M.Ed.
UNCP Sexual Assault Advocate


The Sexual Misconduct Advocacy and Resource Team (SMART) consists of departments who serve as responsive resources for faculty and staff on campus, and as supportive liaisons and advocates for students as they seek campus and community services and/or legal intervention after an assault. The SMART provides assistance to victims of sexual assault, harassment, dating violence and stalking. Assistance includes counseling, advocacy, medical care, and resource referrals to both the Rape Crisis Center and Southeastern Family Violence Center. Upon contact with a victim, SMART members will:


  • Provide a safe place to be heard, where an individual will not be judged

  • Offer information about resources that the victim might use to address personal, medical, psychological, and safety concerns related to the incident.

  • Provide guidance on procedures to be followed and resources to be contacted.

  • Offer to make initial contacts with resource providers and to introduce victim to appropriate contact people, both on and off campus, if the victim prefers.

  • Serve as a liaison with other members of SMART who may share more extensive knowledge of particular resources for the victim.

  • Work to ensure a coordinated, timely and appropriate support system for the victim.


    The Sexual Misconduct Advocacy and Resource Team evaluates the UNC Pembroke campus climate regarding violence/sexual assault and makes recommendations regarding procedures for prevention, reporting, discipline and support; the committee will foster a climate that minimizes sexual assault and interpersonal violence incidents, which impact the UNC Pembroke community and promote a supportive environment where victims and subjects are treated accordingly to established campus policies.


    UNC Pembroke strives to create a climate that encourages victims to report incidents of violence without fear; establish sexual assault prevention training and awareness programs to educate students; offer sensitive and comprehensive treatment to restore victims’ health and well-being; help leaders understand their roles and responsibilities regarding response to sexual assault victims, thoroughly investigate allegations of sexual assault and take appropriate administrative and disciplinary action; and, conduct sensitivity training for members of the interpersonal violence/sexual assault response team, so that re-victimization is minimized, to train advocates to assist victim/survivors with crisis intervention and to reduce victims’ stress resulting from assault.


    The SMART works closely with existing community resources to maximize utilization of service. SMART assists students in being referred to the Robeson County Rape Crisis Center as well as Southeastern Family violence when hospital transport and additional advocacy services are needed. SMART will rely on these existing resources to continue their current work of advocacy in the event of an assault. SMART also utilizes existing therapeutic services at UNCP’s Counseling and Psychological Services to refer all victims for appropriate counseling.


    Members of the SMART team will include: Director of Student Health Services; Director of Counseling and Psychological Services; Title IX Coordinator; Representative(s) from Campus Police; Director, International Students; Outreach Coordinator; Director of Student Conduct; Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs or Designee; Assistant Vice Chancellor for Public Safety; and the Director of Human Resources and various other faculty and staff members willing to be trained to provide victim response.