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New Smoking Policy in the Works

New Smoking Policy in the WorksSmoking Policy

By Jonathan Bym, Editor

The UNCP campus safety and health committee has approved a proposed change to the university’s smoking policy.

The proposal amends  the current regulations as well as takes into consideration newer trends that have hit college campuses.

The current smoking policy was enacted on July 1, 2008 and requires anyone on state property to smoke at least 100 feet away from any state-owned building.

The proposed policy revision would create designated smoking areas on campus for people to smoke.

In the current policy, e-cigarettes are not included meaning that people have not been prohibited from smoking anywhere with them.

The new proposed policy has made corrections for e-cigarettes to have the same regulations as regular tobacco products.

The proposal also changes the definition of smoking from the possession of any type of smoking product to any lighted smoking product. This is to help clear up the previous definition.

The policy also covers that the sale or free distribution of tobacco products while on campus property is prohibited.

Smoking of any kind in university-owned automobile or golf cart is also prohibited.

No college-run publication and university-owned property is allowed to have a tobacco advertisement.

The department will create units who are responsible for making sure that the smoking policy is enforced.

If anyone is found smoking outside of the designated smoking area by a department representative, they will be reminded of the policy and then told to put it out. If a person refuses, the representative will contact the immediate supervisor for that person.

Students will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct.

In the incident where the individual fails to comply with those standards, campus police and public safety can give the smoker a $25 citation.

Photo by Jonathan Bym. Every building on campus has a smoke free building sign at every entrance.