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Dr. Jeff Frederick up for NCAA Mentor Award

Dr. Jeff Frederick up for Mentor Award

By Cody Parker, Sports Editor Photo by Cody Parker

Dr. Jeff Frederick, UNCP’s faculty athletic representative, was named the Peach Belt Conference’s nominee for the NCAA’s Dr. Dave Pariser Faculty Mentor Award.

“Thats just nice; you never seek out those kinds of things,” said Dr. Frederick about being nominated. “It’s just a nice honor.”

There were 13 other potential nominees the PBC could have chosen. Twenty-nine other people are up for the award, one for every NCAA Division II conference.

“What we are in charge of doing is offering academic oversight for student-athlete programs,” said Dr. Frederick of his responsibilities as the faculty athletic representative.

Dr. Frederick is over faculty that serve as advisers to the athletes. Each sport has a specific person that serves as their adviser.

They call this the Associate’s Program, which assigns a faculty member to each team so that the faculty member can get to know the athletes and be a resource for them. This is meant to be done on more of an informal basis.

“My job is to help make sure they (student-athletes) are making satisfactory progress toward graduation,” Dr. Frederick said.

He engages with the PBC and the NCAA on the academic affairs of the student-athletes and acts as an intermediary between the faculty and the athletic program. Any questions faculty have about trips or student athlete activities go to him.

Dr. Frederick  also handles certification for the coaches to be able to recruit off-campus. He is consulted by the athletic director and the chancellor on decisions made about athletics.

The faculty athletic representatives are brought into discussions on the national level, such as how many games are played, how much travel is allowed and how should athletes be allowed to register for classes to better handle their schedule.

Dr. Frederick has been the Faculty Athletic Representative for eight years and helped start the Associate’s Program with former Athletic Director Dan Kenney.

Dr. Frederick pointed to student- athletes having a higher GPA as well as having a higher graduation rate than the regular student body as things he was particularly proud of. UNCP has twice in the last five years won the PBC’s academic award.

The Student Athletic Committee chose him as UNCP’s nominee, and he was then also chosen as the PBC’s nominee for the Faculty Mentor Award.

“I cannot think of an individual who is more deserving of recognition for their tireless efforts to coach, mentor and support our student-athletes,” said Athletic Director Dick Christy.

Photo by Cody Parker. Dr. Jeff Frederick looks through the books he has in his office.