Policies and Regulations
Policies and Regulations

Policies Under Review

POL 07.55.01 Student Debt Collection Policy
POL 08.00.01 Electronic Information Management and Security Policy
POL 08.00.04 Information Classification and Security Policy
POL 08.00.02 Information Systems Access
POL 08.00.03 Network Policy
  Establishing, Reviewing, and Discontinuing Centers and Institutes Policy
  Federal Family Educational Right and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  Jones Athletic Center Facility Use Policy 
  Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy 
  Delegation of Authority to Sign Contracts 
  GLBA Required Informtion Security Program 
  Personal Information Security Breach Notification 
  Public Internet Access 
  Adverse Weather and Emergency Closing Policy 
  Appeals Involving Expulsion Policy 
POL 04.30.02 Prohibiting Illegal Harassment and Discrimination Policy 
  Sexual Harassment Policy 
  Solicitation Policy 
 POL 11.35.02 Student Grievance Policy 
  Academic Honor Code Policy