HEALTH Committee


The UNCP HEALTH Committee is excited about our fall programming! Check it out:

  • Wellness Coaches – Need motivation to work out or like someone to take the “work” out of planning a workout?   Campus Recreation can help you!  We have wellness coaches to guide you through workouts each week.  Create an account and sign-up on  
  • #Drinkyour8 - Join us on our facebook page UNCP HEALTH (that means you need to LIKE it!) where we will kick off our #DrinkYour8 campaign.  The week of Sept 21-27, we are challenging you to drink your 8 glasses of water each day this week and share the accomplishment each day with a photo or just drop a line.  We all know that we should be drinking more water and we hope this will be your kick-starter!
  • Campus Recreation Classes are open to faculty and staff and they're great!  Where else can you take Zumba, Boot Camp, Kettlebell and yoga all in one week and all free?  Click here for a beginner's review of these classes.
  • Health Passport experience a variety of healthy opportunities while collecting stamps to earn great prizes!  More info here.
  • UNCP Cooks Healthy Cookbooks are available in the bookstore! UNCP Faculty and staff share their healthy recipes!
  • Join UNCP HEALTH on Facebook to connect and find encouragement for your healthy habits:
  • Lunch and Learn / Workday Programming
    We hold various programs throughout the year that encourage healthy habits, provide a space for learning, and promote holistic wellness.  These programs are announced through various channels, including the listserv.