Teacher Education Programs

M. A. T. Program Handbook


The purpose of the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Handbook is to present an overview of the program at UNC Pembroke. Additional information is included in the UNCP Teacher Education Program Student Intern Handbook, in the UNCP Teacher Candidate Work Sample Manual, in the UNCP Catalog, and in the handbooks/websites of individual concentrations.

The Teacher Education Committee (TEC) at UNCP approves the policies and procedures to be met by all individuals enrolled in the Teacher Education Program. Any questions concerning the information and materials presented in this handbook should be directed to the specific program Area Director.

Teacher Education Program Overview and Conceptual Framework

Admission to the Master of Arts in Teaching Program

M.A.T. Program Regulations

Evaluation of M.A.T. Candidate Performance

The system for assessing candidate professional development is designed to (a) guide decisions about program admission, (b) monitor candidate progression through the program, (c) determine to what degree candidates have acquired the knowledge, skills, and dispositions set forth in the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards and in the Standards for Graduate Teacher Candidates and other specialty standards in the Teacher Education Specialty Standards (links below), (d) identify those candidates who may need planned intervention during their program of study, and (e) identify areas in the education program that need to be improved as reflected in various assessments of candidates. Candidate progress is monitored continuously by the Program Director, Area Directors, other faculty members, and clinical teachers. Multiple assessments, both formative and summative, are used at multiple points during the candidate’s progression from program entry to program completion and beyond. Data are regularly and systematically collected, compiled, summarized, analyzed, and reported for the purpose of improving candidate performance. The results of candidate assessment tie into the evaluation of the program and its operations. An overview of the MAT candidate assessment system is provided in the sections that follow.

The assessment System is designed to answer the following questions about candidate professional development: (1) Do candidates command content, pedagogical, and professional knowledge and skills as described in professional, state, and institutional standards? (2) Are candidates able to use these multiple knowledge bases and skills to help diverse students learn? (3) Are candidates familiar with and do they model the dispositions delineated in professional, state, and institutional standards?


A note on Taskstream

The Phase I and II Portfolios, the Dispositions Self-Assessment, the Teacher Candidate Work Sample, the Certification of Teaching Capacity forms, and a number of program-level assessments are all submitted through the Taskstream electronic portfolio system. All candidates will need to subscribe to this system, which can be purchased either through its website or through the University Bookstore. At bare minimum, candidates must be enrolled in Taskstream at the times when assessments are due; because of the fee structure of the service, it will generally be more cost effective to purchase a multi-year account to cover the expected period of enrollment in the MAT program. Once candidates have activated their accounts, they can enroll in the required Directed Response Folios (DRFs) by entering the necessary access codes. The codes for the Phase I and II portfolios are listed above; other codes, which may change from semester to semester, are available from Area Directors.

UNCP Catalogue Descriptions of M.A.T. Concentrations

Teaching Standards