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UNCP produced video promotes Indian education program

July 21, 2004

 Indian ed video

After School art teacher James Locklear teaches pottery to an attentive group.

A video promoting the teaching of American Indian culture in the public schools was released this month by the Museum of the Native American Resource Center (NARC) at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

The 12-minute video documents the After School program of the Indian Education Resource Center of the Public Schools of Robeson County. It was directed, edited and narrated by Dr. Stan Knick, NARC's director and curator.

"At the center, Native American students are learning about their culture - about pottery, about mask-making, about creative writing, about ceremonial dancing and singing," Dr. Knick said. "All these elements of Native American culture allow students to look back to their history, to the lives of their own ancestors and to look forward to their own future, to what kind of citizens they will become."

"The video is another example of how we at the University collaborate with our local public schools," Dr. Knick said. "We are able to utilize our technical abilities and resources to support their programs."

The video is a tool for the Indian Education program to showcase one of their programs, said Rita Locklear, director of the Indian Education Resource Center for Robeson County.

"We gave each of the children in the After School program a copy of the video, and we will use it as a promotional piece to show parents what the program is about," Locklear said. "This year, we focused on the Woodland period of Indian prehistory, and Dr. Knick was a great resource for us."

"Partnering with the University is good for us; it gives us additional resources," she said. "Dr. Knick took the extra step for us."

Dr. Knick, who also teaches in UNCP's American Indian Studies program, said video is becoming a larger part of the museum's outreach.

"It is the third video produced by the Resource Center in collaboration with UNCP's Mass Communications program," Dr. Knick said. "The first, entitled 'Keeping The Circle,' featured interviews and an exhibit by the SPIRITWORKS! Group of Native American artists. The second, 'Lumbee By Grace,' was released in 2003 and documented issues of Lumbee identity."

"Video is an increasingly important way that we at the Native American Resource Center are able to communicate our message," Dr. Knick said.

George Johnson, assistant director of UNCP's broadcasting program, provided technical and other assistance.

For more information about programs at the Native American Resource Center, please call 910.521.6282 or online at