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Football great Doug Flutie proves he still has game!

March 20, 2009

With a Heisman Trophy and a 20-year professional football career behind him, Doug Flutie still has football in his blood.


Doug Flutie, center, with students

Visiting UNCP as part of the Distinguished Speaker Series on March 17 (read more about his talk), the former Boston College great made the rounds. He visited the Braves’ spring football practice and spoke to the players.

Flutie taped an interview in the studios of WNCP-TV and had dinner with students and fans in the Chancellor’s Dining Room. Everything went according to plan.

The football great, who is remembered for the last second “hail mary” that defeated Miami in 1984, was a model of patience, signing autographs for an hour in the Givens Performing Arts Center after speaking. Then, things got off track.

According to witnesses:

  1. A student asked the former quarterback to play for his intramural team.
  2. Flutie said he didn’t bring any workout clothes.
  3. A pair of shorts quickly showed up.
  4. Flutie said he didn’t bring any shoes.
  5. No problem.

“I guess I’m playing football later,” Flutie said according to the Fayetteville Observer.

According to Dr. Tom Corti, assistant vice chancellor for Student Affairs, a touch football game broke out on the lawn.

“The news got out and 60-70 students came out by midnight,” Dr. Corti said. “At the end of the game, Mr. Flutie bought pizza for everybody.

“The students were posing for photos and everybody had a great time,” he continued. “One of the students asked him to throw him a pass.

“The student said he always wanted to say he caught a pass from Doug Flutie,” Dr. Corti said. “Mr. Flutie said he would, as long as the student didn’t say it was ‘the pass.’”