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UNCP Math Contest draws 180 competitors

April 1, 2009

One hundred and eighty middle and high school students from Charlotte, Raleigh and Lumberton competed for individual and team titles in the 2009 Mathematics Contest on March 19 at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke.


Taking a break – From left: Gordon Ma, Sanjay Kannan and Allan Jiang of Ligon Middle School in Raleigh relax before the awards ceremony.

“This is fun and well worth doing,” said Dr. Steve Bourquin, chair of the Mathematics and Computer Science Department. “There are 180 bright young men and women in this room.”

Ian Allred, who coordinated the event, noted there were perfect scores this year. Allan Jiang of Ligon Middle School in Raleigh had a perfect score in Algebra I and Xiaoyan Han of Jack Britt High School in Fayetteville aced the Algebra II test.

“This is a new test this year, and we may have to tweak it,” Allred said. “Too many good scores.”

Individual winners may compete in state competition.

Rohan Lewis, a teacher at Ligon Middle, said the math competition is worth traveling to.

“It’s well organized and has a great Web site,” Lewis said.

“It’s fun too,” Ligon competitor Gordon Ma said. Ma later accepted the second place award in Algebra I.

Veteran teacher Brian Brech from John Griffin Middle School in Fayetteville said his school attends every year.

It’s a great opportunity for our students,” Brech said. “It’s a chance to meet kids from other schools who work on their level.

“It’s an opportunity to visit a college campus,” he continued. “We took a tour and got to meet some college students.”

Algebra I Honorable Mention
Damien Gu, Ligon Middle; Sanjay Kannan, Ligon; Peter Lup, Ligon; Rhino Nevers, 71st Classical Middle; Margaret Tobey, Ligon (not pictured  from Providence Day: Sarah Johnson, Alexander Boldt and Morgan Goodson)

Algebra I Winners
2nd place - Gordon Ma, Ligon Middle; 1st place - Allan Jiang, Ligon; 3rd place – Savannah Morgan, Providence Day

Algebra I Team 3rd Place
Ligon Middle School – Damien Gu, Gordon Ma and Peter Luo

Algebra I Team 2nd Place
Alex Boldt, Sarah Johnson, Ellis Glasco, Rachel Murray

Algebra I Team 1st Place
Ligon Middle School - Allan Jiang, Sanjay Kannan and Margaret Tobey

Geometry Honorable Mention
Jacob Troutman, West Pine Middle; Casie Jingle-West, West Pine; Hayden Rudd, West Pine; Adam Callahan, Jack Britt High; Zach Martin, West Pine; Jasper Fu, Emily Winn, Tate Krasner, Providence Day

Geometry Winners
1st place – Ben Kaiser, Pinecrest High; 2nd place - Charlie Sowers, Providence Day; Ben Weinrib, Providence Day

Geometry Team 3rd Place
West Pine Middle – Hayden Rudd, Jennie Cunningham, Julianne Gant, Zach Martin.

Geometry Team 2nd Place
Providence Day - Jasper Fu, Ben Weinrub, Andy Marx, Tucker Albert

Geometry Team 1st Place
Providence day - Tate Krasner, Emily Steward, Charlie Sowers, Emily Winn

Algebra II Honorable Mention (from left)
Michael Geneser, Jack Britt High; Garrett Berk, Pinecrest High; Abby Synder, Pinecrest; Erie Imai, Pinecrest; Katherine Rush, Providence Day

Alegebra II Winners
3rd place – Nick Kruyer, Pinecrest High; 1st place - Xiaoyan Han, Jack Britt High; Nathan Bruns, Providence Day

Algebra II Team 3rd Place
Jack Britt High – Josua Pinos, Xiaoyan Han, Max Umantser, Joseph Cotto

Algebra II Team 2nd Place
Providence Day – Nathan Bruns, Emily Cambern, Ntalie Burke, Jacob Dordick

Algebra II Team 1st Place
Pinecrest High – Garrett Berk, Patrick White, Nick Kruyer, Abby Synder