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Banners unfurled on Old Main celebrating UNCP’s 125th anniversary

March 13, 2012

On a sunny, spring afternoon, UNC Pembroke unfurled the 125th anniversary celebration banners on the columns of Old Main, the most historic building on campus.


With approximately 100 faculty, staff and students in attendance on March 12, Chancellor Kyle R. Carter invited the campus and community to join in 14 months of celebrations. The kick-off really heats up with a combination pep rally and rock concert on Wednesday, March 14 at 4 p.m. in the Main Gym.

“This is the official opening of 14 months of celebrating this great university,” Chancellor Carter said. “We have much to celebrate, and we will celebrate with an much energy as we can muster.”

The 10-foot banners on Old Main were joined by black and gold banners on the streets around campus. The banners will display the specially designed 125th anniversary logo. The theme is: “Honoring our Heritage, Soaring toward our Future!”


Chancellor Carter addresses audience from the steps of Old Main

One staff member remembered the 100th anniversary. “I was a student here for the 100th anniversary,” said Annette Straub, who works in the Office of Enrollment Management. “I’m ready for the 125th; I’m painting my fingernails black and gold.”

Doing the honors by unfurling the three banners were Student Government President Brian McCormick, Sarah Carter, wife of Chancellor Carter, and Professor Emeritus Dr. Linda Oxendine, an honorary chair.

125th Anniversary Committee members Lawrence Locklear and Patricia Fields staged a historic photograph of the crowd and Old Main.  “This replicates one of the most historic early photos of the university in front of the first school building,” Locklear said. “For this one, we were fortunate to have a good mix people who make this university run.”

Chancellor Carter also invoked the founding. “This is a great university with a great heritage,” he said. “125 years ago a solid foundation was laid for us. At some future celebration, it is my hope that someone will say similar things about our contributions and the value we added to this university.”