University Communications and Marketing

Licensing Program Guidelines

Products purchased for either internal or external distribution with any UNC Pembroke logo or mark must go through the licensing process.

Approval Process

Step 1

All vendors MUST be licensed with Learfield. In order to obtain a license, vendors may download and submit an application by visiting

Vendors that have previously been licensed and utilized will appear in BraveCart. The requirement to utilize a licensed vendor does not preclude the necessity for adherence to the Purchasing requirements for proper competition.

Step 2

For internal orders, those ordered by a university department or registered student organization, preapproval for an idea or design must be obtained. If you're ordering a product through the University Bookstore, please submit your idea or design to Karen Swiney for approval by emailing All other approvals will go through UCM for approval at

Step 3

Once you have received internal approval from either Karen Swiney or UCM, your design may be submitted to vendors for production thru the proper purchasing mechanism.

Step 4

If the design uses one of the university's official marks of logos, the vendor will submit artwork/design through Learfield for final approval.


Additional Information


P-cards cannot be used to pay to have custom imprinted items made. The requisition/PO process should be utilized for this and should follow the licensing guidelines. The P-card can be used to purchase imprinted items sold by the bookstore or other venue.

*Printed Items:

All paper items are exempt from the licensing process. However, the University Print Shop will ensure proper usage of logos, marks, etc. Banners, trophies, and plaques, should also be ordered through Print Services. Any item that will be produced for viewing by external audiences (event programs, brochures, etc.) must be approved by University Communications and Marketing.