Teacher Education Programs

Community College Student

Are you a community college student interested in transferring and majoring in education?

If you are transferring from a community college to a four-year institution in order to complete a teacher education degree, you are smart to consider enrolling in UNCP.

Becoming a teacher means that you will become a part of UNCP’s School of Education.  And becoming a teacher means that you will not only make a difference, you will be the difference to every student you teach.  With the teacher shortage in North Carolina, there is a huge demand for teachers and many terrific opportunities await you in classrooms across the state.

Here’s how to get started.

Come by or call the Office of Teacher Recruitment and speak to Ms. Strickland or Ms. Whittington (Robeson Community College).  They will give you information and materials that will help you make your decision.

Here’s other information for you.

UNCP’s Office of Admissions is ready and prepared to offer you any help you need as you work through the requirements for admission. The information for transfer students will be invaluable to you. Please look at UNCP’s Teacher Education Program website to learn more about us.  Our commitment is to provide the very best preparation programs for teachers, administrators, counselors, and other education professionals in partnership with public schools and other agencies. Please come in and explore the many undergraduate and graduate programs we have to offer.  The Teacher Education Program website gives you valuable information about the admissions into the Teacher Education Program requirements and other relevant information. Another great source of information is the Degree Pathway for education majors website which includes resources such as General Education Requirements, the Academic Calendar, and information on Braveweb. This is valuable information for anyone interested in majoring in education in that it provides a sample schedule of coursework for each semester of your four years of study.

Please visit CFNC Teacher Education Career site to learn even more about the teaching profession.  Also visit CFNC Transfer Student Planner for additional information and help as you make your decision.

Financial Aid Resources

For information on financial aid resources, please visit UNCP’s Office of Financial Aid.  Contact them for information about the Federal TEACH grants, as well. Another great resource is College Foundation of North Carolina that will give you some information on paying for college.