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2010 Winners


Algebra I Individual Winners

Algebra I Individual Winners

Samuel Lee, 3rd Place, 71st Classical Middle

John Sweeney , 2nd Place, Pembroke Middle School

Terrell Wade , 1st Place, Spring Lake Middle

Algebra 1 Honorable Mentions

Algebra I Individual Honorable Mention

Megan Wicks, 71st Classical Middle

Zihui Yang, John Griffin Middle

Dylan Freedle, Cedar Grove Middle

Nadia Mishal, 71st Classical Middle

Ogechukwu Anyene, John Griffin Middle

Khiana Deas, John Griffin Middle

Algebra 1 Second Place Team

Algebra I Second Place Team

Pemboke Middle School

Mikala Lowry, Taylor Ussery, Sean Marshall, John Sweeney

Algebra 1 Third Place Team

Algebra I Third Place Team

John Griffin Middle

Ogechukwe Anyene, Shane Reagan, Andre Goode, Khiana Deas

Geometry Winner

Geometry Individual Winners

Veronica Boboige, 3rd Place, Pinecrest High

Connor Hees, 2nd Place, Pinecrest High

Emma Dedmond, 1st Place, Pinecrest High

Geometry Honorable Mentions

Geometry Individual Honorable Mention

Laura Haulsee, Union Pines High

Hampton Locklear, Red Springs High

Elaine Kearney, Pinecrest High

Geometry First Place Team

Geometry First Place Team

Pinecrest High

Connor Hees, Chrissy Boals, Elaine Kearney, Veronica Boboige

Geometry Second Place Team

Geometry Second Place Team

Union Pines High

Tyler Davis, Matthew Kane, Kristen Daniel, Laura Haulsee

Geometry Third Place Team

Geometry Third Place Team

Jack Britt High

Frank Dy, Samuel Joo, Rachel Nam

Algebra 2 Winners

Algebra II Individual Winners

Anna Faircloth, 3rd Place, Sampson Early College

Rhino Nevers, 2nd Place, 71st Classical Middle

Derek Chan, 1st Place, Jack Britt High

Algebra 2 Honorable Mentions

Algebra II Individual Honorable Mention

Brandon Godwin, Jack Britt High

Andrea Gawkins, Jack Britt High

Vanessa Garcia, Sampson Early College

Adam Marchelfi, Pinecrest High

Algebra 2 First Place Team

Algebra II First Place Team

Jack Britt High

Teagan Callaway, Brandon Godwin, Derek Chan

Algebra 2 Third Place Team

Algebra II Third Place Team

Pinecrest High

Jacob Troutman, Hayden Rudd, Julianne Grant, Suzanne Soboeiro


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