UNCP is Moving to Canvas

It’s Official: UNCP is Moving to Canvas and Leaving Blackboard Behind

This transition will last approximately one year, giving you time to prepare your Canvas course websites for the upcoming Spring/Summer/Fall semesters.

uncp moving to canvas art

Don’t Panic!

Canvas offers the same features and plugins that Blackboard currently provides:

  • The Announcements, Grade Center, Assignments, Assessments, Discussion Board, and Rubrics features each work amazingly well in Canvas.
  • Some of the tools you currently use in Blackboard will be available in Canvas with the exception of SafeAssign.
  • Canvas can be used to host groups or organizations that have similar features to Blackboard Organizations.
  • Course creation and course enrollments will be automated for instructors. Instructors can cohort their sections together using Canvas’s Cross Listing feature.

Projected Timeline*

We will open Canvas to all instructors and staff for course development on August 1, 2017.  Early adopters may offer courses in Canvas for the Spring semester.  Additionally, Canvas will be available for instructors who wish to begin teaching courses in the Spring. Blackboard will remain open for instructors who are not ready until JUNE 1ST

Please click here to view and register for upcoming training*

*Individual access to Canvas will be granted after successful completion of the Canvas 101 workshop.