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What Parents & Students Should Know

What is NC Promise?

The North Carolina Promise Tuition Plan is a program of the State of North Carolina established with the intent of increasing access to a quality university education through the University of North Carolina system. Beginning Fall 2018, NC Promise will dramatically reduce student costs at three UNC system campuses: The University of North Carolina at Pembroke, Western Carolina University and Elizabeth City State University.

Undergraduate students enrolling Fall 2018 at any of those three institutions will pay only $500 for in-state and $2,500 for out-of-state tuition per semester. The remaining cost of education will be covered through NC Promise.

Campus-related fees for students and on-campus residency costs will not drop, so it is important for parents and students to understand the full cost of attendance.

Minimum cost for full-time undergraduate beginning fall 2018 In-state Out-of-state
NC Promise full-year tuition $1,000 $5,000
Full-year fees $2,285.18 $2,285.18
Room & Board* $8,572 $8,572
Full-year health insurance $2,222 $2,222
TOTAL $14,079.18 $18,079.18

*Room & board varies based on residence hall / apartment selection and meal plan. Above amount represents double occupancy in Belk Hall. Detailed information about the cost of residence halls can be found at uncp.edu/bursar.

When does it start?

Undergraduate students enrolling Fall 2018 at any of those three institutions will pay only $500 for in-state and $2,500 for out-of-state tuition per semester. The remaining cost of education will be covered through NC Promise.

Who can get the NC Promise Tuition?

All undergraduate students accepted to and enrolled in one of the three NC Promise campuses are eligible for the preferential tuition. This includes part-time, online, distance education and international students. NC Promise tuition does not apply to students in graduate programs.

Will the reduced tuition lessen the quality of education at these schools?

No! The NC Promise Tuition Plan will not affect accreditations, academic offerings, student support or campus experience. In fact, the reduced cost is likely to allow the institutions to attract the highest quality students, resulting in an enhanced learning environment.

How will these schools offer the same education while dropping costs?

The state of North Carolina will match dollar for dollar the difference between our full tuition price and the NC Promise Plan Tuition Plan cost. The end result is affordability for students without sacrificing our quality.

Why did our state decide to create this plan?

This significant investment in access to higher education honors the state’s constitutional commitment to make higher education available to all citizens “as free as is reasonably possible.” It also supports economic development in the state by helping North Carolina meet demands for a well-educated workforce, increasing recruitment of high-performing out-of-state students, and decreasing college indebtedness.

Why are these three universities included?

The three participating institutions are strategically located in different parts of the state, providing proximity of access to a majority of citizens. In addition, each of the campuses has a historical mission of providing an accessible education. Plus, the three schools offer different academic programming, providing for a wide variety available to prospective students.

Am I guaranteed admission Fall 2018?

We expect a higher than normal number of applications beginning Fall 2018. While a set tuition price is guaranteed through NC Promise, admission to these three universities is not. A larger applicant pool will likely increase competition for available space in each incoming class.

Is this partly a response to declining enrollment at these schools?

UNCP has seen consistent upward trending in applications and enrollment in recent history. WCU has also seen growth trends in recent years. Although ECSU has seen some enrollment declines, legislators have not indicated this was a significant factor in the establishment of this new program. Most importantly, the program provides access and affordability to three key geographic regions of the state.