UNCP’s 6th ReVisions is a good read


The sixth edition of ReVisions is as good as advertised.

As it claims, ReVisions publishes UNC Pembroke’s “best student essays,” and the 2005-06 edition proves to be a good read.

susan_cannata.jpEditor and English Department faculty member Dr. Susan Cannata said the student publication “exists to celebrate the good work of our students.”

It’s all about the students,” Dr. Cannata said. “They even put it together in Sara Oswald’s publishing class.”

The sixth edition is outstanding for both academic and creative works, the editor said.

“I like this edition a lot,” Dr. Cannata said. “What I especially like about this issue is the creative work. A creative approach to things like identity is revealing.”

Marriage surviving the military, friendship that does not survive the fences between race and class and friendship that overcomes deep and painful scars are three strong selections in the non-fiction category.

  • “Three’s a Crowd: My Battles as a Military Wife” is an inside look at family life in the military by Kristin Grimes, an English education major from Colorado.
  • “As Everlasting as a Tattoo,” by Annette Hagans, is about a friendship, death and substance abuse. The memoir, written by a senior elementary education major from Robeson County, is well styled and very touching.
  • “Beautiful Carolina,” by Eric Hatchell, takes a personal look at poverty and race in a small town. An English major from Lumberton, N.C., Hatchell engages in a retrospective journey of discovery in black and white.

“Eric gives a very personal view of class and race in America,” Dr. Cannata said. “This edition also published some outstanding traditional academic work too.”

“The Effects of Highways on Biodiversity” by Will Allred is an outstanding and well-researched essay written by an avid outdoorsman for a class in conservation biology.

“Robo Cop Soldier,” by National Guard combat medic Anthony Adams, gives a detailed look at the high-tech infantry soldier of the 21st century.

“Happiness Comes in a Five-Pound Bag of Grits,” by Jacqueline Roberts, serves up the home-fried happiness that can only come out of a Southern grandmother’s kitchen. Roberts, who hopes to earn a nursing degree, discovered while living in Italy that she missed grandma’s cooking, and vows to learn how to make “fabulous” barbecue while in North Carolina.

The sixth edition is also outstanding for its use of color. In subtle blue hues, the cover features a photograph of UNCP’s new observatory and the Orion nebula. The photos were taken by Diana Key, a junior biology major who has a minor in art.

Dr. Cannata said the published works were selected from 25 faculty nominations this year. A faculty committee reads and evaluates the work.

When it’s all said and done, “just sit back for a good read,” Dr. Cannata advises.

ReVisions will be distributed across campus during May. To obtain a copy, please email susan.cannata@uncp.edu.