UNCP unveils ‘classic’ football uniforms for 2007


With considerable fanfare, The University of North Carolina at Pembroke showcased its new football uniforms for the first time on Wednesday, November 15.


Football Helmets

“It’s a classic,” said Mac Campbell, a 1968 graduate, former UNCP trustee and donor to the First and Ten Campaign for Football and Athletic Excellence. “I’m really excited about seeing them on the field in 2007.”

“I think it’s in keeping with University history and traditions,” said Buddy Bell, a 1958 graduate and former athlete.

The uniform displays the Braves’ logo prominently on the jersey sleeve, pants and helmet. “BRAVES” is emblazoned on the chest, and “UNCP” is on the back of the jersey.


Home Football Uniform

An historical American Indian University, UNCP recently had to prove to the NCAA that it had the right to be the Braves. Several athletic programs across the nation were forced by the college sports’ governing body to abandon American Indian mascots and logos.

The new uniform, sporting an Adidas logo and manufactured by the NFL’s leading uniform maker, proves that the Braves are back on the football field after more than 50 years.

Jesse Oxendine, who quarterbacked for the Braves in the early 1950s, gave the uniforms his blessing.

“I really like them,” Oxendine said. “They’re a real improvement on the leather helmets we wore.”

Helping to unveil the new gear in the lobby of the English E. Jones Athletic Center were more than 100 fans, football players, the Spirit of the Carolinas Marching Band, Cheerleaders and mascot.

Chancellor Allen C. Meadors said, “the clock is ticking” on UNCP football.

“This is another step in an exciting journey,” he said. “Next year at this time, we will be getting ready for our second season. So, we’re on the same timetable as every other football team in the nation.”


Away Football Uniform

Coach Pete Shinnick said the uniform was designed to reflect the Braves’ tradition.

“We’re proud of our University, and we’re proud to be the Braves,” Shinnick said. “So, we designed a uniform to prominently display the Braves’ logo. Home and away, people are going to know who we are.

“It’s a great quality uniform and a great design,” the head coach said. “We wanted something unique, something our own, and that’s what we got.”

The uniforms feature black pants for home games and gold for away games. The helmet is gold, and the lettering on the jersey is black trimmed in gold.

UNCP opens its season with Davidson College on September 1 and plays its first home game on Lumbee Guaranty Bank Field against Greensboro College on September 8. The field house for Braves’ football is under construction.

For more information about Braves Football, please contact the Athletic Department at 910.521.6227 or email daniel.kenney@uncp.edu.

For information about season tickets or joining the First and Ten Campaign for Football and Athletic Excellence, please call the Office for Advancement or email advancement@uncp.edu.