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Violent and Sensual Musical Bloodies GPAC

Violent and Sensual Musical Bloodies GPAC

By Sara Owen, Managing EditorPhoto by Sara Owen

A made-for-stage version of the classic tale of a man with a dangerous alter ego came to Givens Performing Art Center on Oct. 20.

The musical “Jekyll and Hyde” is the story of a Victorian-age English doctor, Dr. Henry Jekyll, who developed a second personality and appearance while under the influence of an experimental drug he took himself.

He called it “HJ7,” using his own initials for the name and documented the changes shortly before and for a long time after they took effect.

While Jekyll is a spirited, handsome young doctor with a beautiful blonde fiancée named Emma Carew, his alter ego is a raspy-voiced man named Edward Hyde who carries on an affair with a prostitute named Lucy Harris.

The two personalities share the same body but carry on two different lives.

Jekyll spends the majority of the show attempting to reverse the effects of the drug and a platonic friendship with Lucy, while Hyde goes on a murderous rampage taking revenge on anyone and everyone who betrayed him or Jekyll.

Jekyll originally pleaded for funding from the board of governors to carry on his research involving removing the evil from people. They refused.

Later in the show Hyde took it upon himself to exact revenge by murdering the members of the board of overnors and his own lover, whom Jekyll had warned to run away from London.

After Hyde kills several characters, he disappears for a time. He returns during Jekyll’s wedding to Emma.

After Hyde kills Simon, Emma’s suitor, Jekyll struggles to break free of the alter ego and begs his best friend and lawyer, Gabriel “John” Utterson, to kill him. Utterson hesitates at first and then does so.

The show ends with the main character’s death.

More than 850 tickets were distributed to students, faculty, staff and others for the one night performance.

Photo by Sara Owen. Dr. Henry Jekyll pleads to the board of governors for funding for his medical research in the Broadway production of “Jekyll and Hyde” at GPAC on Oct. 20.