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UC Lounge and Game Room Get New Look

UC Lounge and Game Room Get New Look

By Sara Owen, Managing EditorPhoto by Sara Owen 

Ninety-seven pieces of new furniture costing around $48,000 were moved into the university center (UC) on Nov. 20 and the old furniture was carried out and sent to different locations on campus and to surplus. Senior Director of University Center Programs Aubrey Swett said the UC lounge is getting an ongoing “face lift.”

The UC lounge, the section of the UC where the TVs and fireplace are located, was closed off from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. for the changes to be made.

The furniture was purchased from Howington Office Supplies in Pembroke. UNCP got a good price, according to Swett.

Some of the ottomans have electrical outlets and USB ports for electronics. There are no more couches, but plenty of seating.

Swett said the fireplace will be set up in the future to have actual fires inside for the cold weather coming. The gas has to be hooked up for this.

Heaters have been installed in the indoor patio area near the café. Swett said this is to keep it warm during events in the evening.

The UC is also now up to code, he said.

In fall 2013, former Senior Director of University Center Programs Cynthia Oxendine set into action an upgrade for the UC. At the time the building was considered out of date and needed new sprinklers and a generator. Those upgrades have already been installed, and the generator is scheduled to be tested soon.

The state inspector is scheduled to inspect the UC before Thanksgiving break.

During winter break, Swett plans to change the Hawk’s Nest Game Room to accommodate the gamers who like to play on the TV monitors. He said there will be 10 gamer’s chairs and six new TVs installed in the planned gaming space.

To make room for the gaming space four pool tables, the Wall of Champions and the other tables and stools will have to be moved. The hanging lights will also have to be removed, and new lights will have to be installed. Two foosball tables will be permanently removed and sent to surplus.

James Hunt, manager of the Hawk’s Nest game room, said the pool tables weigh about 400 pounds each. Each one will have to be dismantled and moved, and this will cost around $4,000.

A “fresh look” is what students should expect of the game room come spring, Swett said.

Swett is also planning to bring “more life” to the UC lounge with music. He said he plans to invite musicians and music majors to perform at specified times. Karaoke is also being considered.

Photo by Sara Owen. LeAnn Strickland, left, and some students chat as they test out the new furniture in the UC lounge on Nov. 20.