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Tuition and Fee Increase Approved

Tuition and Fee Increase Approved

By Jonathan Bym, Editor Infographic by Jonathan Bym

The UNCP Board of Trustees approved on Nov. 21 tuition and fees to increase by a combined $247.40 for the 2015-2016 school year.            

The amount will now be sent to the UNC Board of Governors for final approval.

Tuition makes up $160 of the increase for undergraduates, $165 for graduate students and the maximum $87.40 for student fees. This fixed percent increase will take place over the next two years.

The same percent increase for fees and tuition for next year will go into effect the following year as well.

Both tuition and fees were allowed to increase 5 percent as compared to this school year. Student fees increased the maximum while tuition was raised by 4.98 percent.

The four fee areas saw their original areas cut nearly in half of what they proposed. Athletics requested $44 and received $24; student activity requested $86.87 and received $32.10; health services requested $10; and received $8 and education and technology’s fee area requested $48 and received $23.30.

The fixed-rate increase over the next two years means that tuition and fees for residential students in 2016-2017 will be $381.77 higher than it was this year. Non-residential students will see their tuition and fees go up $1,300.77 by 2016-2017.

The board also discussed a new proposal sent to the chancellor from UNC system President Thomas Ross this week also discussed non-residential student tuition.

The proposal, which will be discussed at committee meetings for the UNC Board of Governors in December, suggests UNCP and Elizabeth City State University could offer reduced out of state tuition to students who live in neighboring counties across the state line.

This type of proposal would be a first for the UNC system and is in place in other states.

According to Chancellor Kyle R. Carter, UNCP has the highest in-state population percentage with 96 percent of the students being North Carolina residents. In a 50-mile radius of the university, over 1/3 of that area is in South Carolina and inside those constraints there are five students that attend UNCP, but the goal of this proposal is to increase the number.

The tuition for the students in this area would not come all the way down to in-state prices, but would be competitive with the in-state tuition price for South Carolina schools. Some analysis is still needed to take place, according to Dr. Carter.

The Board of Governors believes that it has the power to pass this proposal without legislative action, according to Ann Lemmon, a representative from the UNC General Assembly. Plans are also to have a decision finalized by the Board of Governors in its January or February meetings.

Infrographic by Jonathan Bym.