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Study Abroad Builds International Learning Experience

Study Abroad Builds International Learning Experience

By Zhuxuan Yan, Staff WriterContributed photo by International Programs

Study abroad is an opportunity for UNCP students to receive a part of their education in an international environment.

“This program helps students to develop their communication skills, to learn more about the world, to feel different cultures and to understand others.

It also helps them to find a job because many companies now think international experience is very important,” said Dr. Laura Dobson, the study abroad coordinator of International Programs.

There is no major requirement in the exchange program and students can still have their courses in English.

There are several benefits of studying abroad:

•Learn about different cultures

•Develop a broader understanding of the world

•Increase your knowledge of and facility in a foreign language

•Learn more about your own culture and identity

•Understand differences in educational styles and systems

•Increase employment marketability upon graduation

•Engage in the kind of one-on-one, face-to-face diplomacy that can promote peace and mutual understanding between cultures.

“I can't even describe how great the past year was. It was incredible, and I'm so glad that I decided to stay for a year. I learned so much about so many things and met so many interesting people," said Philip Hasty, a student who studied in The Netherlands.

UNCP has been cooperating and building friendly relationships with several foreign universities for many years. Students have numerous study abroad options.

Bi-lateral exchange

The program is a UNCP university based program, which means students pay tuition and fees at UNCP, then complete through Course Authorization process and enroll in courses at the host university.

University options are:

•United Kingdom inluding Bangor University, Wales and Canterbury Christ Church University

•Germany, including University of Mannheim, School of Humanities and The University of Ludwigsburg

•South Korea,University of Seoul

•Sweden Umea, University and Linnaeus University

Faculty-led programs

The program is a short-term program, usually during summer semester. Program students are led by UNCP faculty members to take courses overseas.

University options are:

•Berlin, Germany. Faculty-led, Dr. Kevin Freeman (Political Science)

•Tokyo, Japan. Faculty-led, Dr. Kevin Freeman (Political Science)

•Madrid, Spain. Faculty-led, Dr. Enrique Porrua (Foreign Languages)

•Barcelona, Spain. Faculty-led, Dr. Cecilia Lara (Foreign Languages)


This program is a network of 300 institutions in 42 countries, providing a full immersion, exchange enrollment experience for a semester or academic year.


In this program, students need to pay tuition and fees (WLS 4990-Study Abroad) to UNCP and your room and board to your host institution.

Magellan Exchange

The program offers summer semester or full-year programs. It is an opportunity for students to study in another country at an affordable cost. You will pay tuition and fees (WLS 4990-Study Abroad) to UNCP.

University options are:

•University College Dublin, Ireland

•John Cabot University, Rome, Italy

The application deadline is flexible. The International Programs Office offers advising, information and orientation for all students traveling abroad.

Interested students can visit the International Programs Office and ask for more study abroad information.

Contributed photo by International Programs. Dr. Kevin Freeman, front row left, led UNCP students studying abroad in Germany in May 2012.