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Student-designed Pavilion Opens with Party

Student-designed Pavilion Opens with Party

By Sara Owen, Managing EditorPhoto by Sara Owen

The new outdoor social space known as The Pavilion became the site of a party to celebrate its opening for more than 100 people at 3 p.m. on Sept. 19 at a meet and greet sponsored by the Division of Student Affairs.

The celebration included free food, cornhole games, door prizes, freebies, Starbucks drink tastings and tables set up by campus departments and organizations giving out free goodies and information.

The pavilion is a wooden structure with seating standing between Sampson building and Village Apartments across from the Health Sciences building.

In the spring semester, a competition was introduced to the student body to come up with a blue print for an outdoor social space for students. Thirty ideas were submitted and three of those were chosen to be voted on.

Students chose The Pavilion.  Eric Hunt, Vivienne Leaven and Rebekah Stanton were the contest winners.

“It’s comfortable. There is shade so you can really enjoy this space. It’s not like your average space here on campus where it’s just a table and that’s it,” said Stanton, who was introduced at the event.

Other dignitaries at the event included Chancellor Kyle R. Carter and Sarah Carter, Dr. John Jones, Miss UNCP Kelsey Cummings and SGA President Biruk “BK” Kassaw.

Bravehawk was also in attendance and walked around, waved and shook hands with whoever approached him.

Director of Sustainability Jay Blauser gave out free black and gold #bravenation bracelets and promotions for recycling and ZipCars.

Community and Civic Engagement (CCE) also had a table with information and free goodies.

The pavilion does not have everything included in the original plan. There is currently no roof to cover the seating area or a fire pit, which was in the original plan.

Mary Taylor, a psychology major, and Blake Carney attended the opening event and signed up for door prizes.

Taylor said she liked the pavilion.

“It gives people somewhere to sit if they got tired of walking, especially if they have to walk from somewhere like Oxendine to Cypress, and it’s in shaded area, so it would stay cooler,” Taylor said. But, she said it looked unfinished since “there’s no roof.”

Carney said he thought it looked “open” and the lack of a roof might be so wasps cannot build their nests on it.

“I like it cause of it being a new hang out spot for everyone, but I’m conflicted about the roof. I like how it’s open so you can see stars at night, but then again what if we wanna hang out there and it’s raining,” Carney said. “Either way, it’s a great investment and it gives the campus a home away from home feel.”

Photo by Sara Owen. Students stand in line for free food outside The Pavilion on Sept. 19.