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Sean Kingston to Perform on Campus

Sean Kingston to Perform on CampusSean Kingston

By Jonathan Bym, Editor

The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership (OSIL) announced that the performing acts for the spring Outdoor Concert to be held on April 24 will be Sean Kingston with Yung Joc performing as the opening act.

The decision came after polls were sent to students via e-mail listing possible acts and asked them to rank the acts from favorite to least favorite as well as which price they would pay to go to the concert.

“Sean Kingston was behind Jhene Aiko who was one, she declined our offer, and second on the list was Iggy Azalea, her fee shot through the roof, so we didn’t make an offer,” OSIL Director Mike Severy said. “The way we ended up with him (Yung Joc) was looking at who our headliner was and what he cost and what we had to spend, and see who was the next available person on the list that’s into what we could do financially.”

Ticket prices will be $10 for UNCP students and $20 for the general public.

There are mixed opinions between students on the artists chosen for the concert.

“I’m going to the concert; I think it should be fun,” Bjorn Wright said.

Joy Gause and Kenneth Williams both have one common outlook on the performance.

“I plan on attending, but I do wish we had an artist that was more up to date,” Gause said.

“No, I’m not going to the spring concert because I don’t feel like paying $10 to hear two music artists that are not up to date with the music most people listen to now of days,” Williams said.

The venue is set for the UC Lawn after considering Grace P. Johnson Stadium as another sight. The decision to have it on the lawn was made by the Chancellor’s cabinet.

“I like the lawn idea,” he said. “It’s the center of campus and it will be open to the public until we have to close it down to get stuff ready.”

It will be standing room only and the area has plenty of standing room for the expected crowd with the lawn being fenced in around the outside to keep non-paying people from entering. Although people won’t be let in without a ticket, Severy believes the sound could still be heard from outside the fencing

“It’s certainly possible, but you’re not going to have a sightline,” he said about the possibility of people listening from outside the fencing.

Before the event there will be outdoor activities outside of the fenced-in area.

Graphic by Jonathan Bym.This graphic shows the layout of the concert venue on the UC Lawn. The green lines will be fences and barriers used for crowd control.