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Jazzman’s Cafe Coming to Bookstore

Jazzman’s Cafe Coming to BookstoreCafe

By Tomeka Sinclair, Around the Town Editor

Jazzman’s Café and Bakery is expected to open in the bookstore Feb. 11, according to Peggy Dill, retail manager for Sodexo.

Dill said that Jazzman’s was supposed to open Feb. 4, but the espresso machine was damaged due to cold weather.

She said coffee machines like that are very sensitive, and it doesn’t take much to damage the equipment.

In November 2014, Sodexo proposed the idea to UNCP, and it was decided that there would be a Jazzman’s at the bookstore because of the space available and the environment.

“They wanted that bookstore coffee shop feel,” Dill said.

Sodexo is trying to establish a peaceful environment where students can relax and study.

Dill said they’re also putting in computers for students to surf the web while they’re here.

Dill said that what makes Jazzman’s unique is that everything is made fresh each morning. They will have a baker that will come in every morning at 5 a.m.  to make the baked goods, which include muffins, cookies, scones, turnovers and different types of breads.

Dill also said that they will be serving FANS, Frozen All Natural Smoothies, which are smoothies that can substitute meals.

Dill said that they tried to serve FANS at Simply-To-Go, but it was too much work, and the smoothies were too time consuming to make.            

The bookstore will also be a better location for FANS because it’s closer to the athletic building.

Darius Mitchell, a bookstore associate, said that he believes that Jazzman’s will bring more customers to the bookstore and give more dining options besides Starbucks.

He also said it will give more job opportunities.

Dill said that so far they have hired seven students and one non-student.

Dill said that they will be having a “soft opening” because all the furniture isn’t expected to arrive until March 1.

Photo by Tomeka Sinclair. Sodexo employees prepare for Jazzman’s Cafe and Bakery opening that will take place in the Bookstore on Feb. 11.