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Interim Web Publisher

Bobby Jo Sonon is interim university web publisher

by Sara Owen, Photo Editor

Bobby Jo Sonon, an information technology (IT) security specialist, is furthering development of the new website while the university conducts a search for a full-time web publisher.

Assisting Sonon is Christy Jacobs, a temporary employee. Sonon and Jacobs were assigned the UNCP website when former web publisher Lawrence Locklear became program coordinator for the Southeast American Indian Studies Program.

Migrating content

Sonon started working on the website in January, migrating content from the old server to the new one. Many staff members across the university were trained by Locklear in the use of Drupal software for Web page development. Previously, Dreamweaver software had been used for web development on the old server.

The new university website “went live in the beginning of January," Sonon said, before she or Jacobs were assigned. She said “the main department’s pages were the only content that were migrated,” which required Sonon and Jacobs to do “everything else, like Student Life section, Chancellor’s section,” etc.

She plans to complete bringing the site up to date, inserting the campus map, and finish the numerous projects that are in progress. Some key parts of the overall site, such as the Livermore Library pages and the Pine Needle website, are being completed.

“When everything is migrated, we gotta make sure it looks nice,” Sonon said.

Social media

Sonon is also in charge of the university's social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.

“My job is primarily keeping students engaged,” Sonon said.

Sonon, a Pennsylvania native, has a bachelor’s degree in information technology security and a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Phoenix. She was in the Army for eight years. She lives in Laurel Hill.