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Dr. Freeman Also Comic Book Publisher

Dr. Freeman Also Comic Book Publisher

By Elise Quidley, Copy EditorPhoto Courtesy of Dr. Kevin Freeman

Dr. Kevin Freeman, chair of the political science and public administration department, said he likes to use humor as a learning tool in his classes and believes it helps students remember material.

“I thoroughly enjoy it when I realize a student gets something,” Dr. Freeman said. “It is rewarding to know that I’m helping in my own little way.”

He enjoys humor so much that he refers to himself jokingly as “a comic book nerd.”

He also is the President of Action Lab, a comic book publishing company.

“I like to read independent comics instead of traditional superhero ones,” he said.

Dr. Freeman has been in and out of the comic book world for 15 years and has written numerous pieces for Wizards of the Coast and numerous comic stories for Shrek, Richie Rich, Glob World, the UFO Anthology and NFL Rush Zone, according to the Action Lab website.

Dr. Freeman joined Action Lab in 2005 and when the former President of Action Lab stepped down from his position in 2012, he took advantage of the opportunity.

He sets up a table to sell his comics at Comic-con in San Diego every year.

Dr. Freeman has moved around quite a bit in his life.

He was born in Kansas into a military family and stayed there for only a year before moving.

He eventually ended up graduating from high school in the Philippines.

“Asking me where I’m from is a hard question,” Dr. Freeman jokingly said. “I moved around too much.”

“I guess you could say my interest in international studies came from moving around all the time,” he said.

Dr. Freeman earned his B.A. in mathematics at Vanderbilt University in 1992, his M.A. in international relations at Baylor University in 1994 and his Ph.D. in political science at the University of Alabama in 2000.

He lives in Lumberton with his wife, Carole Graham, and 5-year-old son, Carter.

Graham holds a JD and is a Lecturer in the Political Science Department.  She has an office two doors down from his.

In his remaining free time, he said he likes to relax and read political science based books and graphic novels. He also likes to spend time with his son taking him to his soccer and gymnastics practices. 

Photo courtesy of Dr. Kevin Freeman. Dr. Kevin Freeman displays a selection of his comics at a booth during Comic-con.