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Dr. Ellerbe gives wisdom from trials

Dr. Ellerbe gives wisdom from trialsDr. Ellerbe

By Anastacia Alvarez, Assistant Arounf the Campus Editor

Dr. Calvina Ellerbe addressed students, faculty and staff in GPAC on April 9 from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. during the Last Lecture event.

Over 100 people attended the event to see Dr. Ellerbe give her lecture.

She began the lecture by explaining to the crowd her past trials and tribulations that made her who she is today. She is the ninth child out of 11, and grew up close to her father, who is a minister.

Growing up, Dr. Ellerbe used to always be in extreme and immense amounts of pain. At 13 years old, she experienced the worst symptoms imaginable.

“I was always in pain, I threw up eight times in one hour,” she recalled.

It did not matter what the doctors did for her, blood tests, pain medication, MRI’s, Cat scans and attempting to put her on birth control, but they could not figure out what was wrong.

Around that time Dr. Ellerbe realized that these people that had received education and degrees could not help her. She was confused, and realized that something was not right with that knowledge.

“That didn’t add up. After seven years of suffering, I decided to go to a herbalist and in 15 to 20 minutes, she told me what was wrong and how to fix it,”  Dr. Ellerbe said.

That was the day she changed her whole lifestyle around. She began to eat only organic and raw foods and she never felt those symptoms again.                          

She stressed for everyone not to drink “Kool-Aid.” She said people should not simply follow what the government, FDA and life in general tells you is good or right.

Dr. Ellerbe said that everyone has been led to believe calories, fat and the color of food determines if it is bad for us or not.

She said this is misleading information. Dr. Ellerbe questioned the audience as to why sugars are the only item on the back of a food label that seems to be non-existent.

This is because it is not the calories or fat that makes us gain weight or be sick, but it is the sugar content, because sugar is what turns into fat.      

Women on average should only consume 25 grams of sugar a day, according to Dr. Ellerbe.

She said the FDA also admits to placing arsenic in 70 percent of chicken meat sold in the United States, which causes cancer.

What the United States puts into the food for the public is actually illegal in other countries overseas such as Germany, Italy, England, Greece, France and many more

“So why are they putting arsenic in our food? I want to make you think this is the system we live in,”  Dr.  Ellerbe said.

She started explaining  that there is still a way to gain control and your power back from the matrix.                                    

The matrix is the government, FDA and other corporate officials who serve us the “Kool-Aid” for monetary profit and community dependence. Those who control the matrix keep us as a community hooked into the lies through manipulation by any means.

Dr. Ellerbe said that everyone can conquer the matrix.

The first step is to not only ask questions but to question everything. She stressed that it was about asking the right questions.

“The question isn’t why organic food is so expensive but why is fast food so cheap?” she said.

She explained how asking questions and testing the matrix will cause the matrix to push you back, and because you decide to do something different, people will not support you and often make you feel like you are crazy.

However, she stressed that as individuals you have to find joy in uncomfortable situations or you won’t grow into the person you can be and you won’t be able to gain control of your power.

“You have to be okay living in your own power, learn to love uncomfortable situations,” she said.

Dr. Ellerbe lectured that you are greater than you; you have control of your power, you just cannot be afraid of it.

Instead of the focus being on self, happiness will be found if the focus in on others and also visualizing the goal of achieving your power.

“How is this helping me with my purpose? Find that out and you find your power,” she said.

Dr. Ellerbe closed her Last Lecture by telling the audience that they are Superman. She said they are all Superman going through life as Clark Kent and until you see who you are, you cannot be who you are.                                     

“You were not created for life to happen to you, you were created to happen to life,” she said.

She said until you realize how powerful you are, you will not attain it.

“Dr. Ellerbe motivates me. Every single time I leave her class, I feel inspired to be a better person and to live a better life. I’m happy that everybody who came to the Last Lecture got to see how amazing she is,”  Eureka Steele said.

“No other Last Lecture can compare to this one with Dr. Ellerbe,” Cameron Wallace said. 

Photo by Anastacia Alvarez. Dr. Calvina Ellerbe discusses one of the talking points during the Last Lecture on April 9.