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Dining ideas voiced at food forums

Dining ideas voiced at food forums

By Sara Owen, Managing Editor

Sodexo, the company that provides all food sources on campus, held a food forum on April 15 in multiple locations including Pine Hall and the UC.

Both praises and complaints were voiced during the day-long forum, which covered topics from food satisfaction to customer service.

Chair of the Student Dining Advisory Board, Robert Hamilton, said he was not surprised to hear feedback about wanting more variety on campus.

However, he was surprised to hear complaints about cafeteria employees during the forum.

“I was surprised to learn some staff members may not have been treating students respectfully in the cafeteria,” he said.

During the SGA meeting, a forum was held with members and non-members. Multiple students said they had had bad experiences with cafeteria employees in the past.

Hamilton said he would like to see more variety in dining options and that the food truck was the first step towards that goal.

Flavapalooza has been on campus multiple times this semester. There are plans for more food trucks to visit in the fall semester.

One student said she would like to see Subconnections return to campus.

Another student said she would like WOW to offer substitutions so she could get tater tots instead of fries.

Many students said they wanted healthier options in general.

A female student said she would like the option to have fruit as an option with her on-campus meals.

At the open forum, participants said the service at World of Wings (WOW) was “bad” and that it was very inconsistent in cooking times and food portions.

There was also a complaint that the lighting is too dark in WOW.

Jazzman’s Café was praised for being “decorative and neat,” but some thought the location was inconvenient.

Someone suggested that Jazzman’s should be in the library. Forum participants agreed that it was more affordable than Starbucks.

Some of the other suggestions for improving dining options on campus were:

•Bring more food options closer to classroom areas

•Introduce more dining hours on weekends

•Increase the number of outside seating areas

•More nutritious options                                                           

•More meal plans, more variety

•Better protocols for food allergies (peanuts, gluten)

•More dining options on campus

•Lower prices on campus

•Consider customizing your own meal plan

•Points to buy different foods on campus

•Donuts and ice cream in the cafeteria

•Fruit options