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Chancellor says "Never give up"

Chancellor says "Never give up"

By Sara Owen, Managing Editor

Chancellor Kyle R. Carter, who has been the chancellor for the University of North Carolina at Pembroke (UNCP) for the last five years, will be giving his last charge as the UNCP chancellor on May 9 at undergraduate commencement. His last day as chancellor will be June 30.

He said his advice to students is to follow the Nike motto.

“Never forget the Nike motto,‘Just Do It,’” he said.

He said he wants students to “never give up” and to apply themselves.

He said the five students who were up for the Outstanding Senior Award could be the “top” students at any school because “they really apply themselves.”

At the Senior Wine and Cheese Mixer on April 22, senior Monica Espitia was honored as the Outstanding Senior.

“That was a proud moment for me,” Dr. Carter said.

He said if he could talk to the next chancellor, who has not yet been finalized, he would tell this person “our students are good; they’re capable.” He said he would tell this person to “never forget why you’re here” and focus on the students and to “keep going.”

“I would also tell this person there are going to be times that will be frustrating, and they won’t be able to do what they want to,” he said.

Dr. Carter said that despite hard economic times and the loss of raises, the faculty and staff still work hard and do their jobs.

The UNCP faculty and staff “has a spirit about it that gets it through tough times,” he said.

“Even with these tough economic times we see proof of their [the professors’] efforts with the quality of our graduates,” he said.

Dr. Carter will be walking across the bridge during his final Bravewalk during the spring 2015 undergraduate commencement on the quad, which is a tradition he created himself in an effort to invigorate commencement. He said it used to be at the football stadium and he heard it was “bad.”

He said the class of 2015 will be the first graduating class to “complete the cycle” and do the Bravewalk both at the beginning of their first freshman semester and during their final senior semester. 

“I know I will be emotional, but I will try hard not to show it,” Dr. Carter said.

He said he and his wife, Sarah Carter, had “a great five years here” at UNCP.              

“Sarah and I both have given our best and we’ve enjoyed the five years and wish great success to this institution in the future,” he said.

Dr. Carter said their plans are to move into the new house they are having built in Asheville, which is currently under construction.

“As we leave, it is like a proud parent sending their child off into the world,” he said.