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Candidates Dispute at SGA Debate

Candidates Dispute at SGA DebateSGA 2

By Jonathan Bym, Editor

An exchange of words from both candidates for SGA president targeting each other, highlighted the SGA debate held on the UC lawn on March 25.


During the final moderator question of the SGA presidential debate between Robert Hamilton and Biruk Kassaw, the candidates were asked, “what was one thing SGA hadn’t done this year, that you want to see done next year?” Hamilton’s answer included him saying that SGA needs to “actually do something.”

He said this year’s SGA was probably one of the least productive in school history because it has yet to pass a single resolution.

“I’ve lost faith in his leadership,” Hamilton said. “I will try my best to be a lot more proactive.”

Kassaw responded later on in the debate by comparing SGA to a team that needs to work together.

“When your teammates are attacking you, nothing can really happen,” he said.

Kassaw is running for his second term with Candace Locklear as vice president, but will only serve for the fall semester and graduate leaving Locklear to serve the rest of the year. Hamilton is running with Michael Baker as his vice president candidate.

Both candidates also said that the student’s voice gets over looked in the planning of events and the passing of rules and regulations on campus.

Hamilton and Kassaw both had similar responses in having campus be recognized with representatives from different departments and organizations to help diversify the way that ideas are brought to SGA.

The simplifying of campus regulations for hosting student-run events to make it easier for students was also a common ground between both candidates.

Through student involvement, both candidates want to try and energize the campus and students.

Kassaw said that he wants to improve the social aspect of campus to help “resurrect the spirit of Pembroke.”

Hamilton plans on taking a more lead by involvement and example approach by going out and advertising groups that are in the UC and around campus.

After serving as SGA president for the past year, Kassaw said the experience gained over the past year has helped him find the key people who can help get the job done in administration and that some things done is done in a slow process.

Elections began via BraveMail on Aril 1. The announcement of the campaign winners is scheduled for April 6.  

Photos by Jonathan Bym. Top photo: Incumbent Biruk Kassaw addresses the crowd during the SGA debate with Candace Locklear behind him. Bottom photo: Hamilton makes his opening statement with his Vice President candidate Michael Baker.