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Author Takes Over as Web Publisher

Author Takes Over as Web Publisher

By Marie Gaumont, Staff WriterPhoto by Marie Gaumont

The university’s new Web and Social Media Publisher, Tony Wilson, is  located in Lindsey Hall, in an office decorated with comic book posters and Funko Pop figures.

Wilson attended Indiana University in Indianapolis. He majored and earned his bachelor’s degree in new media, with a minor in film.

He loved dabbling in film and screenplay developing. During his college days, he even designed a video game with his creativity.

As a young boy, he never envisioned himself as a web publisher, but more as a writer. In his youth, he worked in a comic book shop and keeps a few posters around for the nostalgia, as well as the pop culture toys on his desk, including Iron Man, Batman and various others.  They show his “weird-side,” as he calls it.

He is a big believer in displaying your own personal individuality.

Wilson still does a bit of writing in his occupation of web and social media publishing, but keeps his passion in the form of a hobby. Perhaps more of a side job than hobby, his sci-fi and horror short stories have been published. Some of his work, such as “Dark Hero,” is available on Amazon.

Wilson arrived at UNCP on Sept. 18, and has, in his own words, “hit the ground running.” The 37-year-old native from Indiana, came to the university from southern Texas, along with his wife and two dogs. He considers one of his canine companions, a French bulldog named Gus, to be a bulldog with vanity.

In Texas, he worked with the Kingsville Police Department, assisting with their website, social media, radio and video maintenance and also functioned as a crime analyst. In layman’s terminology, he was the all-around Mr. Fix It. He made the journey from Texas to North Carolina, which is about 1,400 miles, to his new home in the Deer Croft community in Wagram.

UNCP is an extreme contrast from his former environment at the police department. Here, he’s been working on the UNCP website, primarily fixing broken links, and also operating alongside the WIC’s.

WIC is the abbreviation for the Web Information Coordinators. In collaboration with the WIC’s, Wilson has put together their training materials.

Wilson had nothing but good things to say about Pembroke, calling his experience so far “great.” He said everyone here so far has been “really nice, and all so eager to help.” 

Photo by Marie Gaumont. Tony Wilson settles into his new position as web publisher.