Pre-Arrival Information

Before you Arrive

The information on this page provides new students with important information about preparing to come to UNCP and the orientation process. 

Further information can be found in our Pre-Arrival Guide


Once your BraveWeb account is set up you will be able to access your student account, which will allow you to make payments toward bills, view bills, etc. IP is available to assist you if needed.


Students should contact their IP coordinator for more information about course registration.

University Village Apartments


Exchange Students – You will be assigned to stay in the Village Apartments with the Global Learning Community (GLC). This housing arrangement is part of the efforts UNCP makes to provide you with opportunities for meaningful cultural exchange, which fulfills the requirements of your J visa. You will be required to pay the Housing deposit and will need to complete the Housing application.

CCIEE & 2+2 Students – Your housing arrangements will be made for you and you will be notified by the Asian Program Coordinator with regard to where you will be living.

All other students -You will have the opportunity to stay in the GLC, in other on-campus housing, or off-campus. Complete the housing application if you would like to stay in campus housing, and inform IP as well if you would like to live in the GLC.

Applying for On-Campus Housing

  • If you plan to stay on campus, fill out the housing application as soon as possible.
  • You must pay the housing deposit before you can submit the application because a receipt number will be required. In order to pay, contact housing at:

Phone: 910.775.4253

Fax: 910.775.4299


Or you can mail the deposit in with a check and the housing application.

  • Housing will confirm that they have received your application and they will notify you of your living arrangements.
  • If you will be staying in the GLC, select Village Apartments on your housing application.
  • Freshmen are required to stay on campus for their initial academic year.

Information on Housing rates can be found on the Housing website. It also includes floor plans, a list of amenities, and suggestions for what to bring.

Dining Hall


Once you have your BraveWeb account set up, you can purchase your meal plan through Brave Web.  You can make changes to your plan once you are here on campus at the Cashier’s Office.  Meal plan changes must be made by the end of the first week of classes each semester. 

Students that reside in the residence halls are required to purchase a meal plan.  The 12 meal plan with bonus money is automatically assigned.  The meal plan is optional for students residing in the Village Apartments and Courtyard Apartments.  Freshmen in campus apartments are required to purchase the 25 block meals.

NOTE: Exchange students will not be able to purchase their meal plans online. Just email IP or the Study Abroad Coordinator about your choice of plan and they will ensure that this is added to your account.


All UNCP sponsored international and exchange students are required to have medical insurance while attending UNCP. Students are covered by Blue Cross & Blue Shield for the academic semester, Aug.-Dec. and/or Jan.-May.

If a student arrives prior to the start date and/or stays in the U.S. past the end date they are have the option of purchasing HTH insurance through IP. 

Click here for more information on the UNCP student insurance plan.


Health forms and immunizations are required for every UNCP student. It is best to have your doctor fill this out before you come to UNCP. For more information about UNCP's health requirements visit the webpage for Student Health Services.

International Students are also required to take a PPD (TB Skin Test) after arriving on campus. These are offered at Student Health Services for $7.00 each.

Students at the airport

Getting to Pembroke

IP offers a complimentary shuttle from Raleigh Durham International Airport (RDU) to campus. Plan to meet the shuttle at Terminal 2 at 5 PM
Check HERE for the dates of our upcoming shuttles.

You are encouraged to either arrive prior to 5 PM or arrive the day before and stay at a local hotel.

There is a list of local hotels here, Many hotels offer shuttle service to and from RDU.

NOTE: If you wish to purchase your return air ticket, you can plan to leave the Saturday after the last day of exams.  We will provide a return shuttle to the RDU airport on that day.  Please refer to the academic calendar to determine the date of the Saturday after exams.

Pre-semester shopping

Your First Few Days


International Programs (IP) offers a bedding service for $60 to all of our incoming students. This service includes sheets, a duvet/ comforter, a pillow, and a towel and washcloth. If you request this service IP will having everything waiting for you in your room when you arrive. This will allow you to sleep well the first night without the need to go shopping or to take up space packing these items. The $60 charge will be due when you arrive on campus.

Follow this link to request the IP bedding service.


IP will schedule a shuttle to Wal-Mart on the day after your arrival. Wal-Mart is a local all-purpose store where you can purchase bedding, toiletries, food, pharmacy items, and anything else you may need to get settled. You can pay with cash, a credit, or a debit card.

You can view the Wal-Mart website,, to help you decide what you may need.

Tour Group


IP will host an international student orientation that will focus on immigration requirements, student health forms and immunizations, campus safety, registering for classes and other sessions that will help you get acclimated to UNCP. This orientation is mandatory! See here for more information.

There is a $60 orientation fee for all new international students.


When you arrive on campus you will be assisted by IP with getting your UNCP ID Card. For more information on the Braves Card please visit their website.


Every fall UNCP has a welcome week planned for all new UNCP students. Check out the website here.