MA Ed Elementary Education TaskStream ePortfolio

MA Ed Elementary Education students will need a TaskStream account throughout the program for submitting work each semester and completing the ePortfolio and assessments during the final semester prior to graduation.


The UNCP Teacher Education Program uses Taskstream, a commercial electronic portfolio service, to collect work (electronic evidences) created over the course of the candidate’s program of study. These evidences are required by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and may be reviewed by national accrediting agencies evaluating UNCP’s teacher education programs. Electronic evidences should be maintained throughout your program of study.


You can purchase Taskstream directly through the Taskstream website or through the UNCP Bookstore. The advantage of using a key code from the bookstore is that financial aid will cover this cost just like the purchase of a textbook.

To purchase Taskstream through the Taskstream website:

  • Go to:
  • Click on create or renew account located at the top of the webpage.
  • Click on the correct button to create or renew your account.
  • Then follow the instructions where you choose your purchase option, either purchasing with a credit card or by using a key code purchased in the UNCP bookstore.


When choosing the credit card option, click on the button beside the area that says you will be using Taskstream for a College/University program and click continue. The next screen will ask you a series of questions where you identify UNC-Pembroke as your institution. On the next screen, you can choose the amount of time for which you would like to purchase Taskstream. These prices may change based on fluctuations at Taskstream.

  • 1 Semester - 5 Months ($25)
  • 1 yr. account ($42)
  • 2 yr. account ($69)
  • 3 yr. account ($91)

Notice you will be given both a starting date and an ending date for your purchase. Try and estimate the best amount of time you need Taskstream for to complete your plan of study. Generally we expect traditional graduate students may need a 2-3 year account. Subsequent screens will take you through the procedures for entering your credit card information and checking out. You will have to enter your personal information to complete the registration process.


A major advantage of purchasing Taskstream through the bookstore is that you can use your financial aid funds to make the purchase. If you choose to purchase Taskstream through the bookstore by purchasing a key code, here are your options:

  • 1 yr. account ($56) 2 semesters
  • 2 yr. account ($92) 4 semesters

The bookstore is investigating the purchase of Taskstream licenses for different time periods than the ones listed here, so ask if any other accounts are available as well. Again, these prices may fluctuate based on bookstore requirements. When purchasing Taskstream at the bookstore, please ask for it at the front register. After you enter the key code, you will go through a similar set of screens to choose your school and complete the registration process.


In Taskstream, a drf is a directed response folio, where selected assignments/assessments are uploaded. After you purchase your Taskstream account, you will be able to enroll yourself in the graduate elementary education drf. When you log into your Taskstream account, you will see an area where you can enter the enrollment code for your particular program. The graduate Elementary Education Program Director will provide you with the enrollment code for the graduate elementary education drf. The current drf code is MAEDeledfall14


This tutorial from TaskStream explains how to submit work and this tutorial from UNCP examines the components of the MA Ed Elementary Education ePortfolio. Embedded in the instructions for all assignments in Taskstream, you should find the name of the person to whom you should submit the assignment. Please follow instructions carefully regarding submissions. This will prevent many problems with Taskstream. A checklist to help you keep track of the assignments/assessments that you need to upload/submit into Taskstream in the graduate elementary education drf is included below.

Assignments/assessments that you need to upload/submit into Taskstream in the graduate elementary education drf


If you have an expired Taskstream account, it will be considered inactive by Taskstream. However, UNCP faculty will still be able to view any previously submitted work. You do not have to renew your account once it has become inactive if you have completed all Taskstream requirements. If you have NOT completed all requirements, you will have to renew your account!


If you have questions about and/or you are experiencing problems with Taskstream, please contact Mrs. Mary Klinikowski at 919-521-6417 or at When you contact Mrs. Klinikowski please identify the specific drf with which you are having trouble and explain as much about the problem as possible. Mrs. Klinikowski can help with making sure you are enrolled in the correct drf and checking to see if your work is visible and submitted properly. If errors are made in submitting assignments/assessments Mrs. Klinikowski can cancel the submission and return the work to you. For help directly from Taskstream, use the help button located in the top right hand portion of the Taskstream webpage, or call 1-800-311-5656, or email If you call Taskstream directly, they will ask for your user name and an explanation of the problem so they can take a look and help you solve your problem. They will not be looking at your work or evaluations within the drfs, only at possible software issues.