Summer School
Summer School
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Why Summer School?


Consider This...

  • Do you want to graduate early?
  • Are the summer school classes at your current college or university a little too expensive to allow you to take them?
  • Are you unsure of your major and want to try out some courses in various majors?
  • Would you like to concentrate on your major so you can take more electives later on in your school career?

The good thing is that whatever reason you have for wanting or needing to go to summer school, UNC Pembroke has the courses you need at a very competitive price. And it’s all delivered with the kind of personal attention that has drawn so many students to study with us.

For years, UNC Pembroke has been known as the school ‘where learning gets personal. It’s much more than a slogan here. Our professors often choose UNC Pembroke because small class sizes make it possible for them to devote as much time as necessary to ensure that their students get a full chance to learn. That’s true during the regular school year, but during summer school sessions, student-to-faculty ratios are even better. We know that personal attention is important because not everyone learns the same way or at the same speed. At UNC Pembroke, we will accommodate your learning needs.


  • MayMester : May 12 - 23
  • Summer 1 : May 20 - June 24
  • Summer 1 Intra : June 10 - 25
  • Summer 2 : July 7 - August 7
  • Summer 2 Intra : June 25 - July 11

Will My Courses Transfer?

The courses you take and pass at UNC Pembroke during our summer sessions count the same as courses you take during the regular school year. If you are a student at a school outside North Carolina, chances are good that classes taken here will transfer directly as full credit hours. Arrangements by school vary, so we recommend you discuss specific transferability with our summer school staff and your home school

Lodging and Dining All Included

As our guests, personal attention will extend outside the classroom as well. You’ll have a choice of double occupancy or a single room at four on-campus residence halls or an off-campus apartment complex. All are close to classrooms and dining, with an all-you-care-to-eat facility nearby. All you have to do is pick your package. 

Dining rates are not yet available, but expected by mid-March. Please check with the Registrar or contact Querida Hunt at 910.775.4000 for questions about dining options.

2014 Summer Session Housing (5-Week Session)

Cypress Hall, Pine Hall & Oak Hall Double Occupancy $640
Cypress Hall, Pine Hall & Oak Hall Single Occupancy $750
Cypress Hall, Pine Hall & Oak Hall Double Occupancy Private $800
Village Apartment Double Occupancy $675
Village Apartment Double Occupancy Private $830
Courtyard Apartments 2 Bedroom/2 Bath $790
Courtyard Apartments 4 Bedroom/2 Bath $729

NOTE: Munch Money with meal plans is not available in the summer.

How Do I Sign Up?

  1. Before you enroll, decide which session you want to attend. There are five sessions: two full-length sessions, two ‘intra’ sessions and a ‘mini’ semester.
  2. Pick a package of lodging and dining that fits your needs.
  3. Enroll. There are four ways for you to enroll in summer school classes at UNC Pembroke (or at least to get more information):