Sponsored Research and Programs
Sponsored Research and Programs

Compliance and Policies

OSRP has oversight over compliance with applicable federal and state laws, regulations, and policies related to externally funded programs, as well as compliance with UNCP policies.


The Institutional Review Board is an independent administrative body established to protect the rights and welfare of human research subjects; the IRB ensures compliance with federal requirements related to protection of human research subjects (45 CFR 46.111).

Chair: Dr. Rebecca Bullard-Dillard, Dean, School of Graduate Studies and Research




The IACUC ensures that UNCP is in compliance with the Public Health Policy on Human Care and Use of Laboratory Animals. The IACUC reviews and approves protocols for individuals at UNCP who are using vertebrate animals in teaching and research. It also conducts inspections of facilities to ensure that animals are treated humanely and safely and that work environments remain safe for personnel involved in animal care and use. The federal Animal Welfare Act (9 CFR Ch. 1 Subpart C 2.31 (c) (1-8)) requires universities to have an IACUC. UNCP's IACUC follows the protocols of the Public Health Service Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (Section IV.B. (1-8)), and the recommendations and standards of the National Research Council of the National Academies' Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (8th edition) (link below).

Chair: Dr. John Roe, Assistant Professor, Biology

Email: john.roe@uncp.edu


Conflict of Interest and Commitment


Intellectual Property/Technology Transfer

This committee recommends expenditures of research royalty funds, resolves questions of invention ownership, and reviews and recommends service marks and trademarks that are the result of UNCP research and inventions. This committee exists pursuant to UNC General Administration policy (500.2: Patent and Copyright).

Chair: Rebecca Bullard-Dillard, Dean, School of Graduate Studies and Research

Email: rebecca.dillard@uncp.edu


Responsible Conduct of Scientific Research


Export Controls


UNCP Policies Governing Externally Funded Programs