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PURC SYMPOSIUM 2017 is on APRIL 12th, 9am-3pm. 

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Registration and Abstract submission will be open February 1, 2016 – March 23, 2016. The registration and abstract submission are one process. Projects with multiple presenters do NOT need to register separately. Only register each presentation once. Prior to registering, please read registration instructions at the link below. In order to begin the registration process, please complete the form below.

Registration Instructions

Abstract Example


Open: January 30th

Closed: March 17th



Deadline for poster uploading is March 31, 2017

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  1. Students are encouraged to adapt their presentations to the standardposter format.  Easels, poster boards (3ft x 4ft) and push pins will be provided at the Forum.  Posters must be printed prior to the event. 
  2. Oral presentations: Presentations will be limited to 15 minutes (12 minutes for the presentation, 3 minutes for questions). Students are encouraged to prepare a PowerPoint slide show to accompany their talk.
  3. Scholarly Performance/Film, Music or Video Productions are also welcome. Students will present their performance. Each presenter will have a total of 15 minutes for the performance and questions/answers, using any combination of up to 15 minutes to best highlight their work. For example, you could have a 10 minute performance and take 5 minutes to answer questions. We will provide a TV/DVD combo if needed.
  4. Exhibit/Displays are welcome for those in the visual arts. All exhibits will be displayed in the same room as the posters. Please advise the staff of your needs such as a pedestal, or a need to hang on wall.




The PURC Center in Wellons is open 1-5pm on M-Th. This space is available for presenters as a workspace.

Poster workshops conducted by Prof. Jesse Rouse:

March 10 @ 1:00 in Room 136 Sampson
March 16 @ 4:00 in Room 1246 Oxendine

It is important that attendees register for the workshops in advance so that there are enough materials on hand. Please do so at this link: /academics/colleges-schools-departments/departments/geology-and-geography/departmental-facilities/poster-workshop-registration. Attendees may bring a draft version of their poster on a flash drive, or they may bring an outline. The session will help them plan and begin to design the poster. Dr. Rouse will discuss the purpose and limitations of the poster format, show some student and professional examples, have them layout (on paper) their poster, give them an overview of how to set up the slide and deal with text and media in PowerPoint, and then stick around for a while if they want to work on the poster.

In order to get an estimate on attendance, you will need to register if you plan to attend (no registration deadline).

 Past PURCS Winners: