PURC Center

Grant Recipients


Fall 2015


Undergraduate Student Assistantships

  • Prof. Brandon Sanderson, Dept of Art

    • Student: Courtney Hockett

    • Project: "Learning the Complex Art Form of Paper Engineering While Expirementing with the Printmaking Technique"

  • Dr. Lisa Kelly, Dept of Biology

    • Student: Haylee Trotter

    • Project: "Social Form of Invasive Fire Ant Colonies in Wetland Ecosystems in North Carolina"

  • Dr. Daren Nelson, Dept of Geography and Geology

    • Student: Jay Ritchie

    • Project: "Mapping Potential Hazards of the Gold Hill Historic Mines Using Ground Penetrating Radar"

  • Dr. John Labadie, Dept of Art

    • Student: Vivienne Leaven

    • Project: "The Foundations of Animation"

  • Dr. Jason Hutchens, Dept of Mass Communication

    • Student: Rodnesia Jeffries

    • Project: "Growing Change Documentary Film"

  • Dr. Catherine Parisian, Dept of English, Theatre, and Foreign Language

    • Student: Amber Hester

    • Project: "Transcribing and encoding the Letters of Mary R. Mitford (1811) for Web Publication"

  • Dr. Jessica Pitchford, Dept of English, Theatre, and Foreign Language

    • Student: Zachary Lunn

    • Project: "Editing an International Literary Magazine"

  • Prof. Scott Ziegler, Dept of Art

    • Student: Desiree Thomas

    • Project: "Approaches to Spraying Glazes on Ceramic Ware"

  • Prof. Carla Rokes, Dept of Art

    • Student: Jai Woods

    • Project: "An Investigation of Drawing Medium: techniques for Creating Narrative Illustrations"

  • Ms. Yuanyuan Lin, Dept of English, Theatre, and Foreign Language

    • Student: Dana Reijerkerk

    • Project: "How Trace Theory Affects Chinese Language Learning"

  • Dr. Ben Bahr, Dept of Biology

    • Student: Donna Porter

    • Project: "Diabetes and Alzheimer's: The Diseases of the Aging Population"


Student Travel Funds

  • Hannah Anderson, Writing Center Hawk Assistant

    • Research and Observation

    • "Canines for Service"

  • Jeremy Deck, Honors College Student

    • Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences

    • "The Business of Marijuana: An examination of the effects of US Legalization"

  • Brandon West, William Camps, Allison Sontag, Angelis Hernandez, Hunter Baxley, Melody Strupe, Darius Dawson; UNCP percussion Ensemble

    •  PASIC Convention

    • World Premiere Performance of David Macbride's "Flam" for percussion ensemble

  • Ethan Sanford, Honors College Students

    • North Carolina Honors Association

    • "Effects of Multiple Environmental Stressors on Marine Bivalves"

  • Cora Bright, Honors College Student

    • North Carolina Honors Association

    • "The Study of Planarian Reaction to Light on a Vertical Plane"

  •  Elizabeth Wessinger, Honors College Student

    • North Carolina Honors Association

    • "How Walmart Affects Small Businesses"