PURC Center

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF) are offered as funds allow during Summer I and II to support students working on scholarly projects while under the supervision of a faculty member.

PURC seeks to support research across the curriculum and will privilege the awarding of fellowships that create a diverse portfolio of projects from across the curriculum. The director will award any available monies based on ranking and pending available funding.

Requests for these assistantships may include a student stipend of up to $800.00 ($10/hour, 10 hours/week, 8 weeks) for the summer and up to $250 for research supplies or related expenses. (Note: all funds shall be used prior to 30 June. PURC Director will inform SURF recipients of the end-of-year cut-off day as soon as that information is available).

Here are a few examples of SURF applications: Examples of SURF Applications

SURF Timeline

  • Submission of Proposals: 1 January through 31 March
  • Deadline for Proposal submission: 1 April
  • Award announcements: 1 May
  • Project start date: First day of Maymester classes


Procedure for SURFs proposals:

  • Proposal must be approved by the faculty mentor before proposal submission.  Only one application per investigator per year, and one application per project, is allowed. 
  • Candidates should email their completed application packet (preferably in PDF) to purc@uncp.edu before the deadline. Hard copies will be returned without review
  1. Each application must include a completed cover page

  2. A statement that describes your proposed research/creative activity, thesis or project. Please limit this portion of the application to 2-3 pages.
    • For beginning research: purpose, hypothesis, significance, your role in a larger project (if applicable) and methodology;
    • For ongoing research: purpose, hypothesis, significance, your role in a larger project (if applicable) methodology, preliminary results;
    • For creative activity: purpose, significance, medium, anticipated venues for presentation/performance

 3.  A budget justification:

    • project costs
    • amount requested
    • other sources of funding (existing or sought)



Evaluative Criteria Rubric

A committee made up of PURC Councilors will review applications. All applicants will receive notification by email regarding the status of their applications as soon as possible after the review. Some applications may be awarded at a reduced level. 


A one-page written report summarizing the results of the project must be submitted to the PURC Center Director by end of the summer. 

  • All funds must be spent within the fiscal year, which ends June 30th
  • Recipients of these grants will incur an obligation to submit a final report due at the end of the award period or in conjunction with a request for extension.
  • Each awardee will be expected to participate in the annual PURC Symposium.

All funded students are required to present their work at the PURC Symposium in the Spring

Incomplete applications will be returned without review.