What is Biodiesel?

The Basics of Biodiesel Production

What is Biodiesel?

Biodiesel is a domestically produced, renewable resource that can be synthesized from a variety of natural feedstock oils. It is a clean burning alternative to diesel fuel that can be used to reduce the amount of harmful greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time it is also non-toxic and readily biodegradable: a characteristic that is vitally important to the ecosystem in the event of another spill, like those in recent years.



  • replacing the need for diesel fuel without modification to diesel engines
  • can be used in conjunction with petroleum diesel fuel – 80/20 blends
  • reducing dependence on petroleum and petroleum based products
  • better lubricity than diesel for better engine function

Heating fuel

  • substituting propane tanks used for central warming units in homes and businesses
  • used to warm water (gas run hot water heaters)

Environmentally Friendly

  • clean-burning fuel- limiting harmful emissions that cause respiratory conditions