The Literacy Commons

About Us

The Literacy Commons prides itself on working across academic disciplines, across educational institutions, and across local communities.  Our volunteers are community members, students, and University professors and staff—all engaged in different academic disciplines and community contexts, contributing to the LC in different and unique ways. Ultimately, our overarching goal is to strengthen the connections between UNCP and our local community, where we all have one common bond: a simple love for learning, thinking, and doing.

For the LC, reading is not just about spelling, sentence design, or decoding simply alphabetic texts. Language, however, is everywhere.  Reading, like our idea of literacy, is about understanding, questioning, thinking critically and creatively, and analyzing language — put another way, literacy is life. Literacy, for the LC, is a political and humanitarian act of engagement that goes beyond the skills of knowing how to write and read sentences and paragraphs. Instead, it is the act of self-empowerment, opportunity, and growth.