Interdisciplinary Studies

Graduates' Success Stories


Madeline Tharrington May 2012 Graduate with Provost Ken Kitts



December 2012 Graduates



Lester Malloy May 2013 Graduate


BIS Graduates with Dr. Robinson

BIS December 2013 Graduates Cynthia Martin and Melinda Spencer with BIS Director James Robinson


BIS May 2014 Graduate Hutchinson

BIS May 2014 Graduate Kelly Hutchinson with Dr. Robinson


BIS Graduates Nancia Smith

BIS May 2014 Graduates Nancia Smith (on the left) and Lori Smith (on the right) with Provost Kitts (center)


Dec 2014 Grads

BIS GRADUATES--December 2014

Top Row (from left to right): Dallas Pastirik and Sylvester Singley

Bottom Row (from left to right): Purcell Strickland, Sheryl Comer, and Candice Shearin

Susan Armstrong and son

December 2015 Graduate, Susan G. Armstrong and son