Health Careers Access Program

Testimonials from Participants

CHSP Testimonials


I would like to begin by saying that participating in this internship has been one of the most fulfilling and constructive things I have ever done for myself.  One cannot express how rewarding it is to be paid to do something you have a passion for, nor express the relief confirming your interest yields.  Before this summer, I had no experience in a clinical setting, to add to that, I am the first person in my family to pursue a career in the health field..Leyia Bullard—2015

I was able to be in the presence of people with different backgrounds, ethnicity, social economic status, and personalities. The entire staff was very welcoming and greatly informed me on how an efficient dental office was properly operated, this made my experience even much better. I honestly think that this internship has confirmed my choice of wanting to become a dentist. The best thing that I liked about my experience was that I was able to get a view of how the entire dental office operated..Kaila Chavis—2015

The CHSP Internship has been a rewarding and educational experience, given me the opportunity to gain patient contact in all areas of the clinical setting while learning the day to day function of a physician. The program has helped to boost my confidence as I gained experiences that will be beneficial as I work to become a physician.  My experience at the clinic has enabled me to learn how each part of the healthcare team must work together to ensure every patient receives quality patient care..Brooke Chavis—2015

Working at the clinic has really deepened my passion and love for the medical field. I am so grateful to have been given this amazing opportunity to further my knowledge about the medical field and to be given the opportunity to interact with patients and their families. I cannot wait to become a doctor and I know that I will take everything that I have learned from this internship and will use it to become the best doctor that I can be..Linda Council—2015

It was so rewarding seeing what an impact I could make on helping others. That is why I am so grateful for the summer internship through the Health Careers Access Program. It has made it to where I can get even more experience before going on to school to be an Occupational Therapist. This opportunity to experience hands-on with real patients has motivated me even more to become an Occupational Therapist..Cheryl Gray—2015

When I first began I was extremely nervous not knowing what to expect, and how things would be. My greatest fear was being shown that the health field was not my area of study and having to redirect my life in another direction. I am proud to say that I was completing wrong. I enjoyed the challenge of trying to figure out what exactly is causing a patients pain and how can I help them. I am honored to say that this internship has shown me that this is truly where my passion lies and I cannot wait until I am able to experience everything first hand and on my own..Christy Henderson—2015

This clinical experience has been amazing. Working as an intern has not only taught me the strategies and forms of medicines but also the confirmation that being a nurse is exactly what I want to be in my life. I truly believe in the saying that nursing is a calling and not a choice. Before the internship, I had never worked in a clinical setting before which made it even more worthy. I could never thank the HCAP office enough for allowing me this amazing clinical health summer internship opportunity..Brittany Jacobs—2015

Health care is constantly changing and everyone plays a key role. It is very important to work as a team and I feel like at the clinic site, they do just that. I enjoyed working at the clinic and help make a difference in a child’s life. You never know how sickness can affect people and your attitude and work ethic can change their life. I am very thankful for the internship, and I want to make an impact in other people’s lives in the future..Mercedes Locklear—2015

Overall, the clinical health summer program has truly been a learning experience, and one that I have enjoyed thoroughly, it has given me the exposure that to the medical field that I have always needed to realize that this is really something that I can see myself doing, and that I enjoy doing. I am continually excited to see and learn new things every time I come into work. With this experience I also feel that I will work harder in the future with my studies now that I have a taste of the field and a desire to reach my goal as being a physician assistant..Alex Martinez—2015

My internship experience was not confined to clinical observation as I was able to observe many otolaryngological surgical procedures, which means I saw many tubes placed in patient’s ears, as well as tonsils and adenoids, unknown neck masses, lobes of thyroids, and lymph nodes removed from patients.  However, after working in the realm of the head and neck, I find it hard to imagine a job more important or rewarding than stopping snoring, opening nasal passages to facilitate breathing, and improving a person’s ability to hear, taste, smell, and talk. I greatly enjoyed learning from a doctor that is invested in patient education concerning diagnosis and treatment..Briana Roberts—2015