Testimonials from Participants

CHSP Testimonials


I was reluctant to do this program, because I thought: Why would I want to have to find housing to be in a clinic when I could just stay home and continue to work at the same clinic that I have been. Now, I am glad I decided to participate in this summer internship. It has made me realize the variety in practicing medicine. No two clinics are the same.

Brandon O Blackwell-2013

There are many ways to determine what kind of career one may want to pursue, but what better way than to work hands on through an internship. My experience has been wonderful. Internships are available to enlighten and help distinguish what interest you in life. This one has made a huge impact on my life and future to determine my profession.

Olivia N. Bullard-2013

My area of interest has changed from physician assistant to nurse practitioner. Being able to work with a knowledgeable group of people at the clinic has been helpful for me to realize that a nurse is important to all health positions. This experience has solidified my decision to work in the health care field. It has been an honor to represent UNCP during my time.

Tyler E. Dial-2013

During my time in this program, I have experienced life changing events. I have experienced moments that make you appreciate life and really have encouraged me to strive to be the best I can be. There are great people in this program that really has inspired me to do my best and have helped me become a better person. I am thankful for this opportunity and realize that it has made my path to my goal a lot clearer.

Matthew J. Godwin-2013

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience a completely different pharmacy setting. I have learned so much about a clinic and a pharmacy that is government ran.  It is significantly different than a retail pharmacy; hospital pharmacy and a long term home care pharmacy.  This year’s 2013 Clinical Health Summer Program was a wonderful experience.

Kathryn M. Hunt-2013

I am so thankful for this opportunity, it has changed my life. It has sparked a fire in me that makes me want to work towards my goals that much harder. If I ever questioned or doubted if the medical field was for me, this internship has erased all of it. I know that this is where I want to be and this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I know that I will continue to work towards becoming a physician’s assistant.

Nadia M. Jones-2013

Overall, I have enjoyed my experience with the general practice physician and the midwife. I prefer a hospital setting and obstetrics and gynecology over general practice, but I know that in medical school there is no telling what I will decide. I am so ecstatic that I got to be a part of the clinical health summer program because it has allowed me to make connections and experience what it is like to have patient contact.

Candace B. Locklear-2013

I would not have traded this internship experience for a summer job because it has taught me a lot more than I expected to learn when I walked in the first day at the clinic.  I didn’t expect to also learn what goes on in the front office because I thought I would just be following the nurses and providers in the back.  There hasn’t been any negative part about working at this specific clinic and working with all the employees here.

Mariam A. Qambar-2013

Since I have never really had a hands-on encounter with pharmacy, this experience truly has been an eye-opener for me. Everything I learned has given me an even better understanding of the importance of a career most people tell me I am wasting my talent going into. If anything, I am more excited now to pursue pharmacy, however I am afraid school cannot come fast enough. This experience has honestly opened my eyes and given me a stronger desire to finish school and get into this career.

Ashleigh J. Thorup-2013

Wow, I cannot believe how much I have learned and enjoyed my internship at the clinic.  Being able to work in just about every part of what runs a clinic has taught me what it takes to keep it going, and it has brought to my attention what career I believe I should pursue which is nursing.  This experience has truly shown me what I would love to do in life and how I can possibly make a difference in children’s lives.

Molly A. Woodard-2013