Gender Studies Minor

Requirements and Courses

What are the requirements for a Gender Studies Minor? 

Students must take 18 hours from the courses listed below, selecting courses from at least two different disciplines (AIS, ENG, HST, NUR, SOC, or SWK)*

  • Indigenous Women (AIS/HST4250)
  • Women’s Literature (ENG2080)
  • Women and the Development of U.S. Society (HST3800)
  • Women in U.S. History (HST4070)
  • The History of Sexuality (HST4120)
  • Nursing and Women’s Health (HLT4210)
  • Gender and Society (SOC3540)
  • Exploring Masculinities (SOC3890)
  • Family (SOC303)
  • Social Aspects of Human Sexuality (SOC/SWK3040)
  • Women in Society (SOC/SWK3870)
  • Addiction and Women (SOC/SAB4610)
  • Women and Crime (CRJ/SOC4520)

*Permission of the Gender Studies Coordinator is required before any special topics course may be used to meet the requirements for the minor in Gender Studies.

For more information about minor requirements and courses, Catalog: