Withdrawing from the University

Up to the last day to receive a “W” in a course, any undergraduate student may complete a "Request for Withdrawal" form, available from the Office of the Registrar. The student should get the required signatures, take the I.D. card to the Accounts Receivable Office, and return the form to the Office of the Registrar. The University makes applicable refunds only after the withdrawal procedure is completed. After that date, the Office for Academic Affairs approves the withdrawal from the University without academic penalty only when unusual, documented circumstances warrant. Unsatisfactory academic performance does not by itself meet the requirements for an official withdrawal. As soon as possible, and no later than two weeks before final exams, the student should first meet with the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs to explore options. Approved requests receive “W” in all courses. Denied requests receive “W” or “F” as assigned by each instructor. Any student who stops attending classes without completing the withdrawal form ordinarily receives an “F” in courses for which the student is registered.

Graduate students who wish to withdraw from the University should contact the Office of Graduate Studies.